Bitcoin Gambling Sites For Sports Betting and Casino’s Australia 2019

Online Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites and Apps For Australian Betters

Australian bitcoin gambling sites for online casino’s, poker rooms and sportsbook’s is extremely easy to set up and becoming very popular with punters because withdrawals are instant and there are no payment processing fee’s. You no longer need to call the bookmaker to place a live bet, it’s a simple click and bet. The odds are better, the limits are higher and you only need an email address to create a gambling account, it’s completely anonymous. It’s the safest, easiest and most secure way to gamble online.

Australian bitcoin gambling site
5 Bitcoin  
Poker Freeroll
  • Sportsbook


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$7,500 Bonus
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  • Live Casino


The online sportsbooks that we recommend also allow live betting without making a phone call. To place a live bet you simply make a click of the mouse.

Getting Bitcoins takes 5 minutes and only requires you have an e-wallet account. This is what we use and recommend You’re able to buy Bitcoin at Coinbase as well.

There are several other huge benefits to using bitcoin when gambling. In this page we’ll cover what the benefits are and show you how easy it is to start betting with bitcoins in as little as 5 minutes. We’ll show you the best bitcoin casino’s and sportsbook’s that we personally use and recommend. We’ll also cover what bitcoin is and how it works.

The benefits of using Bitcoin to gamble:

Australian Bitcoin Gambling Sites
  • Withdrawals are instant and so are deposits. You no longer have to wait a few days to get your money.
  • You can bet live at Sports books without having to call. It’s a simple click and bet for live betting.
  • You only need an email address to create a bitcoin gambling account. You’re privacy is much more secure because you’re gambling anonymously. The currency and infrastructure of Bitcoin provide this.
  • No payment processing costs or fee’s. No more credit card transaction costs.
  • Eliminates credit card fraud.
  • You have complete control over the security of your funds.
  • Bigger limits.
  • Better odds. No processing fee’s means the gambling sites can give better odds.

How to start gambling with Bitcoins

  1. Create a free e-wallet and Bitcoin exchange account here at  (What we recommend)
  2. Get Bitcoins with your Coinbase account.
  3. Deposit into any Bitcoin casino or sportsbook. It’s that easy!

What is Bitcoin?

Australian Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Bitcoin is a worldwide digital cryptocurrency that enables instant payments anywhere in the world. It’s just like any other currency like AUD, USD or GBP. It is the safest way of transferring money because of it’s peer-to-peer technology that it operates, all transactions use cryptography which makes it the safest in the world. When money is sent all transactions are managed and organized by the network which makes it 100% safe. There is no central authority, this means that any processing fee’s are virtually free of charge. It’s very easy to set up on your phone.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Yes, Australian bitcoin gambling is 100% legal. There are no special jurisdictions or requirements in place. Bitcoin is simply looked at as another currency like USD, AUD or GBP.

Do I need a credit card or bank account to gamble?

You do not need a credit card or bank account to gamble on an online bitcoin casino. You do not deposit with your traditional bank account or credit card, rather you deposit bitcoins instead with your online bitcoin wallet. This also means you avoid any transaction fee’s associated with credit cards. There are no fee’s for bitcoin transactions or they cost very little (10 cents).

Australian Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Australians are able to create accounts at many different Bitcoin casino’s and Bitcoin Sportsbooks very easily. They are easy to register an account as you only need a valid email address. Once you create an account with a valid email address you are free to gamble with bitcoins, whether you play the pokie machines, play poker or bet on sports. Here we’ll list our personal recommendations for bitcoin gambling sites.

We also recommend using Bitcoin sites over standard online bookmakers because they are much more secure and anonymous. You do not need to give them any personal identification. This gives you greater security and you don’t have any risk if any of these websites were to be hacked. Bitcoin gambling sites generally have ‘cold storage’ of your funds, which means that they can not be hacked as the funds are kept offline. This does not affect your ability to withdraw your funds instantly.

The Bitcoin gambling sites that we recommend do not have any depositing, withdrawal or processing fee’s. You will never pay any processing fee’s!

Bitcoin Betting Sites Australia

Bitcoin betting sites are slowly transforming the gambling and betting industry and will be the future of the gambling industry. Because bitcoin is the safest form of any currency people are using it to protect their identity and their money. You’re money is far safer using bitcoin where it is fully encrypted and unhackable. You’re able to hold your funds offline which makes it impossible for anyone to hack into. This makes it the best option for spending money online and the best way to deposit funds into betting sites. You no longer need to give a gambling site your personal identity as all you need is a valid email address to create an account. This means that if any of these super secure websites were hacked your identity and personal finance details are completely safe as you’re anonymous.

There are no processing fee’s, withdrawal or deposit fee’s. This makes gambling online with bitcoins far cheaper, you get to gamble with ALL of your money. The reason that there are no fee’s is because the system is peer-to-peer. This means that there are no middle man like with an ordinary bank. You send the money directly to the website or anyone else on the planet and because of this, you don’t need to pay anyone for any handling fee’s.

The other advantage of Australian bitcoin betting sites is that withdrawals and deposits are virtually instant (sometimes it takes a few minutes). This compared to withdrawal times of a few days or even a few weeks at some gambling sites makes it so much better. If you were to win a huge jackpot, if you were to have a big win on a sporting event you would not have to wait a couple of days to receive your winnings. You can withdraw your money virtually instantly, no matter how much it is. You could withdraw $50,000 straight away and not have to wait to receive your money.

The fact that bitcoin betting sites Australia provide more privacy and personal identity safety, your money is more secure, withdrawals and deposits are basically instantaneous and there are no fee’s. No matter which way you look at it gambling with bitcoins is are far better option in Australia and world wide.

Bitcoin safety and security

Bitcoin safety and security is something that you should know about. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency using cryptography. Cryptography comes from the greek word  kryptós, “hidden, secret” and γράφειν graphein, “writing”, or -λογία -logia, “study”, in short “Hidden, Secret writing”.

Cryptography is the method of storing, sending and transmitting information so that only the sender and receiver, or only those who are intended to can read and process the information. In short Bitcoin uses cryptography as a means of staying secure.

Crytography is used in highly classified information within governments and militaries as a means of keeping information secure and out of the enemies hands. Julius Caesar is the first known modern cipher who used cryptography to send and receive messages because he did not trust his governors and officers. Because cryptography is such a highly secure form of transmitting messages it has become a battlefield for mathematicians and the best computer scientists to securely store and transmit highly sensitive information.

Bitcoin uses cryptography to stay secure, this is why it’s known as a “crytpo-currency”.

You are able to further secure your bitcoins in an offline wallet more commonly known as “cold storage”. Cold storage is an offline wallet that you keep on a USB or external hard drive. This keeps your bitcoins away from the internet and completely isolated keeping your funds 100% safe. It would directly translate to a normal wallet that you would carry around in day to day life.
It is normal practise to keep a small amount of your bitcoins in an online e-wallet which you can spend day to day, and the majority of your bitcoins in an offline cold storage.
It is important to note that if your offline cold storage of bitcoins is encrypted and you were to die that any of your family members would never be able to access your funds. In general it is recommended not to encrypt your cold storage wallet for this reason, but to keep it somewhere secure like a safe.

Further reading on bitcoin security can be read here from our very own Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Australia

Sports betting in Australia using Bitcoins is done just like your traditional way of sports betting. Except you have all the added benefits of using bitcoin being a crypto-currency. You no longer have to send in any personal identification, nor do you need any personal identification to withdraw money. Withdrawals are instant, you no longer have to wait a few days to receive your funds. This is a huge advancement in the way we bet on sports online. Using bitcoin betting on sports is more secure, avoids processing fee’s and all withdrawals are instant.

The choice of sports to bet on are exactly the same as traditional bookmakers.

The sports you can bet on include:

  • NFL
  • NRL
  • AFL
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsport
  • Pesapallo
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Live betting is a huge advantage over traditional sports betting as well. No longer do you have to call up the bookmaker to place a bet. With bitcoin betting in Australia you can now click and bet on a live sport, no longer do you have to call them up to place the bet which can be time consuming and cost you money if it takes some time. Live betting is a matter of seconds and if the operator on the other end doesn’t hear you correctly or there’s a miscommunication it could cost you thousands in that split second. This is a huge advantage.

Bitcoin sports books also have much bigger deposit bonuses. Generally they will have a 1 bitcoin deposit match, 1 bitcoin at the time of writing this article equates to $3,200. Currently the best deposit match that you can get is at WilliamHill with a $502 matched deposit.

Bitcoin Casino Australia

Gambling at online Bitcoin Casino’s in Australia is becoming the future of gambling online because of their fun and exciting gambling experience. Whilst traditional online casino’s have laid out what it takes to gamble online, gambling with bitcoins is just a much better option as already extensively covered in this article. Your personal identification is secure as you only need an email, withdrawals and deposits are instant and the limits are bigger.

Bitcoin Casino’s offer exactly the same games as they do at any other online casino. In fact the only difference is that you’re using bitcoins instead of Australian Dollars.

The Casino offers many games to choose from including:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Table Games
  • Bingo and Keno

Live casino with the including games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Table games

As you see the casino games offered are identical to the ones at any other casino. Most bitcoin casino’s, and the one’s we recommend offer a live casino as well. This is an extra feature that not many other online casino’s offer. Bitcoin casino’s are definitely leading the way when it comes to innovation, fun and a great gambling experience.

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