Who Else Wants to Learn About Betting Sites?

The live betting service is quite simple to use. So, the BETDSI betting service provides a lot of interesting advances in the specialty of live betting. Further, access to the website from any portion of the world should result in a compelling case for the website to provide distinctive languages to cater to the several client language requirements. You only need to send them some information of the websites like, in which category is included, in case there are any raffles, or another info, send an image of the site, and it’ll be included in the list. The site ought to have a social networking presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, amongst others. There are numerous betting sites which are available today where you are able to easily earn money from betting.

Some sites have a calculator for a specific game so the player is given the opportunity to compare different odds allowed for by every bookmaker. The authentic sites will always supply the excellent services. Well, should you not bet at several of the very best betting sites including BetHard that is sadly something you are likely to experience. If you’re checking out online betting websites, always read the small print on the website and be sure you are conversant with any rules and restrictions. Internet sports betting sites provide some of the most competitive football odds you’ll find anywhere, and several are so keen to entice new members they provide great welcome bonuses like matching your primary deposit.

You may only use the cell site instead. All the authentic sites will have mixed reviews and they won’t attempt to hide the terrible reviews they’ve got from their customer. Do not neglect to think about the reviews and ratings of the bookmakers free bets sites you’re planning to play with. The top websites are going to be pleased to cover the three% charge card dues. There is an assortment of sites that provide the totally free bets while some specially handle the absolutely free offers of betting.

The 5-Minute Rule for Betting Sites

When you get started looking around, you are going to find tons of free bet offers out there. Your 30 free bets are going to be in your Betfred account over the upcoming few days. These days, portable sports bets isn’t just a secondary’ choice to wagering with a house pc. If you would like to win in your bet, you’ve got to be capable of using statistics to your benefit. Betting in Vegas also offers its own benefits. Also, it is going to permit you to place your bet anyway, though you’ve got to wait 2 seconds. Betting on the present odds on baseball is a great method to make extra money, particularly if you create a talent for predicting which direction a victory goes.

As you are comparing different betting sites UK, make sure you focus on the credibility of the websites. Betting online is favored by the majority of sports fanatics for the very simple truth that they Internet websites provide a good deal more than the old time sports bookies. Sportsbooks online have a tendency to give a much wider array of American Football betting markets than you will see in-person. No matter your geographical area, betting on the internet is THE handiest method to bet. When it has to do with betting online on the NFL, where you decide to bet is equally as essential as who you opt to bet on.

Some sites offer live options in comparison to the traditional betting options. Once you have discovered the perfect website, make sure you do not wait and get started betting whenever possible, so you’re able to earn the profit. If you don’t find out how to recognize the illegal betting websites, then you’ve come to the correct location. There are on-line websites which provide you the facility of selecting variety of shawls and scarves at one spot.

Although some may be particular to a single sport, it is better to work with platforms that encompass different sporting games. By far and away the simplest way you’re always likely to have the ability to place any kind of sports bet you want to place is by downloading and installing a betting app onto your cell phone. Sports betting has ever been a favorite issue to do offline and for millions of people it has come to be a lifestyle and a way to call home. It is one of the oldest kinds of betting in the world.

If you don’t carefully select just which mobile betting app to download onto your cell device then you can frequently lose out on a vast number of different betting opportunities and might also locate the odds that are being offered to you are just not worth taking. Mobile-friendly apps, real bets, and tons of further bonuses designed for playing internet are just as well beneficial to miss. If you employ the application for betting, then it might go slower than that which you’d get at the site. It’s possible to discover the most profitable betting options in the principal panel for live betting. As such if you do place any range of winning bets you are not likely to then must go through the time consuming job of needing to waste hours or even days sending in to them your identification documents to receive your account verified, and they’re one of the quickest paying bookies too. A massive number of internet soccer betting sites have come up over the years which offer useful strategies to punters which may be used to improve the odds of winning in an internet soccer bet. It is possible to also track previous effects, statistics and live results online.


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Velasquez v Ngannou – Battle of the Titans

This is looking to be a great fight tomorrow with an interesting matchup in styles. Cain has been out for a while now with his last fight being in July of 2016 against Travis Browne where he demolished him. This would actually be the start of a 4 fight losing streak, 3 of those fights getting finished, for Travis before he called it quits.

What’s really great about this fight is that Cain is a known beast wrestler with T.J Dillashaw having fond memories of him back in the college days where he said he was scared of him. Cain is an intimidating dude, he’s huge and if he wanted to, he could hold you down and kill you like a gorilla with the tattoo across his chest “brown pride” staring you in the face.

Cain being a beast wrestler, he’s also a great striker. We saw him take years of JDS’s life where he not only wrestle fucked him but out struck him. lets look at Cain v JDS 3.

Look at the output and work rate that Cain has. Unbelieveable really that a heavyweight can throw 378 strikes in a fight. That’s 76 strikes a round. 15 strikes a minute. He’s throwing a strike every 4 seconds. Continuously. For 25 minutes straight. He’s a fucking workhorse. He only landed 2 takedowns that fight, most of those strikes were on the feet.

It’s interesting to compare the two fights with Ngannou where a similar style suffocated him. Miocic had a decent out put that fight with a similar amount of strikes thrown against him. He’s essentially laid the blue print on how to beat Ngannou. Smother him and throw a big volume of punches.

It’s hard to say whether Cain is better then Miocic because they’ve never fought, but given they have a similar style where Cain can grind like Miocic, Cain is likely to do the exact same thing to Ngannou.

Ngannou’s chance is that he lands a bomb like JDS did, otherwise Cain will do what he did to JDS and what Miocic already did to Ngannou.

Velasquez by a dominant decision.

The Aftermath – Cejudo v Dillashaw

the aftermath

The aftermath of Dillashaw v Cejudo took me by surprise and I think it took alot of other people by surprise as well. Almost everyone I saw counted Cejudo out, including me. The reasons I thought TJ would win can be seen here. But to re-hash – TJ was going to be the bigger man, he had fought and beaten better competition and Cejudo’s previous fight he had IMO lost to DJ. DJ had been robbed and Cejudo was lucky to win and become the champ.

This is NOT how the fight turned out. The only advantage I saw from Cejudo was the obvious one, that was he’s an olympic gold medalist.

Who the fuck expected this fight to only go for 32 seconds?

What’s interesting is that TJ had been cracked way harder in previous fights, such as when he fought Cody and was dropped after taking a clean hard shot right on the jaw. He did not take a hard shot like that from Cejudo yet it seemed to have that type of an effect on his consciousness.

From everyone in TJ’s camp and form himself, the weight cut WAS NOT an issue. He said he had actually GAINED strength and was hitting personal records on lifting. Which is incredible considering he was moving down 10 pounds.

Was the fight stopped early? I don’t think so. The ref jumped in at the right time, from where I see it TJ would have just taken more damage which would have been unnecessary. Think about it if it went this way: The ref does not step in and TJ takes another 10 shots until he’s completely out of consciousness. We’d all be sitting around talking about how bad the stoppage was and what a dick the referee is.

The only person who can take the blame is TJ. Don’t want the ref to step in? Don’t take 10 shots to the dome without landing one yourself. Don’t get wobbled on your feet and continue to take shots without defending yourself.

Whether it was or was not a bad stoppage is simply putting the blame on someone else for getting wobbled early and taking hard shots 30 seconds into a fight.

Would love to see them rematch as TJ is WAY better then what he showed that night. A rematch at 125 would be ideal for TJ but I don’t see that happening, why would Cejudo risk that? He’s the A team now and you’d expect him to now chase the 135lb title to be champ champ. If he loses at 135 then we get a trilogy and it makes sense that we see that at 125 given TJ would be the A team. He has to win that fight first tho.

Cerrone v Hernandez really was no surprise and I had said it was almost identical to when he fought Myles Jury. It was too much too soon for Hernandez and unfortunately for him he had to trash talk the whole way through. Would have been an humbling experience for him and look forward to seeing how he returns. A fight like that may have changed him. Look at Myles Jury, he’s never been the same since Cerrone smashed him.

Dillashaw v Cejudo – The fight for Champ Champ

dillashaw v cejudo

Dillashaw v Cejudo – The fight for Champ Champ

Dillashaw v Cejudo is tomorrow night. They’ve weighed in today and Dillashaw was on the money! How good did he look? it was astonishing to hear so many people say he wouldn’t make weight or that he’d struggle. If you had seen him on the Joe Rogan podcast he had quite clearly stated that he would make the weight easily. He had been trying to get the Mighty Mouse fight as soon as he got the title at 35’s. This dude is chasing the #1 P4P spot. A proper competitor. When he says he can make the weight easily you best believe that he can make the weight.

He may have the best nutrionist in the game. He was a savage on the mits for the open workout he had. He had the most energy of all the fighters and went hard for atleast 20 minutes.

The fight itself is fascinating. I thought Mighty Mouse beat Cejudo fairly clearly and got robbed. So from my eyes Cejudo is a fake champ and does not deserve to be there. But since we’re talking about these two who are actually in the fight then that’s who we’ll talk about.

Cejudo doesn’t have the slickest stand up but we can grant him a great ground game considering he’s a gold medal olympian in wrestling. That in itself is an astonishing feat. But, that’s his biggest strength and he’s coming against a bigger, better, stronger, faster more well rounded fighter in T.J.

Cejudo has one way to win this fight imo. He needs to lay and pray on T.J. I can not see that happening.

T.J on the other hand has more ways to win. If it stays standing he’s going to light Cejudo up. he clearly has the power after KOing Cody twice in a row. He’s also a savage competitor who wants it more.

T.J will win this fight and make it look fairly easy. Likely a later round stoppage after putting on some big pressure. Cejudo will fold and the ref steps in to wave the fight off. T.J holds up two belts on the cage and makes history.

T.J is now the champ champ. Next fight he takes on Max Holloway to try and make history of the triple champ, the champ champ champ.

Bitcoin Bottom – Have we seen it?

bitcoin bottom

We’re at an interesting phase in the bitcoin market cycle. There’s been a huge shakeout from 20k all the way down to where we are at 3k. Still, plenty of people are up a huge sum of money from when they got in in the single digits.

Almost everyone I know who’s still in crypto has lost money. Very few of them got in that early, this means almost everyone in crypto has lost money as well.

This is not a place you want to be.

At the same time this is also not a place you want to sell after you’ve held the whole way down to here. Granted you haven’t been trading and your investment is one of a long term investment, with a time horizon of 10 years, now isn’t the time to puke what you own.

I think it’s likely we have seen a bottom on bitcoin. Technical Analysis points towards us being at the bottom, especially when compared to historical data against bitcoin and other assets.

That being said if this is not the bottom then we will likely see $1,000.

$1000 bitcoin would be devastating for the community but the level of religious belief in bitcoin is something that hasn’t been seen before. Sure we saw it with some of the tech stocks from the internet bubble, but we have come a long way since then. Most interestingly is that we now know what the market needs.

We have already tested those waters.

Social media is a already tried and tested business model that creates value on the market.

We don’t need to guess when it comes to crypto’s and bitcoin which is extremely powerful as there’s going to be less guess work for what the market wants, capital is then able to flow freely and easily to where it needs to be and we’ll get better products because of it.

If you’ve held until now, now would be a bad time to sell everything and turn your back on bitcoin!


Bitmex – The Best Bitcoin Trading Exchange For Australians

Why Bitmex?

The best bitcoin trading exchange is Bitmex.com and I’m going to share the reasons why.

I’ve personally been trading at Bitmex for over a year now so I have more then enough experience to give you the proper information. No other exchange comes close to the liquidity or the leverage. I’ll run through the benefits of Bitmex for you.

You can LONG and SHORT altcoins without touching the altcoins themselves.

This means you only use your bitcoin for trades. You’re trading ‘futures’ on bitmex, it’s exactly the same as trading the altcoins you just don’t hold them.

You can use up to 100x leverage.

This means that if you have 1 bitcoin, you can trade with up to 100 bitcoins. This allows you to have bigger positions but at the same time allows you to risk less. You minimise exposure and losses but maximise your wins and gains.

You can trade with $1 – this allows you to learn to trade.

You don’t have to have huge positions, infact you can have a $1 position as you learn to trade, and that $1 position can be had with 1 cent, considering you use 100x leverage. This is a huge benefit with learning as it’s costing you virtually nothing to learn the ropes until you become profitable.

Bitmex is the most secure exchange on the planet.

Bitmex has never been hacked and holds the tighest security procedure of any exchange. You are only able to withdraw at one time per day (12:00 UTC) and you are also required to have a email confirmation plus your 2FA confirmation. All withdrawals are manually processed at this time. Withdrawals also come from their cold wallet as is most of their bitcoins. This means even if the exchange were to be somehow hacked, there would be very little bitcoins that the hackers could actually take.

You only need an email to signup for an account.

There is no KYC (know your customer) and everyone is welcome to create an account and deposit. You are completely anonymous.


For these reasons Bitmex is our exchange of choice and it should be yours aswell!

Sign up here for 10% off fee’s -> https://www.bitmex.com


Conor Mcgregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov – Who wins?

Conor Mcgregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov

Fights don’t get much bigger then this. Considering that Mcgregor is the biggest draw by a long margin in the UFC. Khabib, being an undefeated fighter who has quite literally never lost a round, this isn’t a hard fight to promote.

Some of the biggest questions surrounding Mcgregor has been his wrestling. He did not grow up wrestling and is a striker at heart. We’ve seen him have trouble against wrestlers before, Chad Mendes giving him the most trouble. If we were to go back to that time, would Chad have done better if he had a full training camp? Chad came off the couch to fight Mcgregor on two weeks notice for the biggest fight of his career.

The reason why Chad was called up was because Aldo had pulled out of the fight against Mcgregor for the world title. Now we can safely assume Mcgregor would have been in the shape of his life for this fight, but was Chad? Hell no. Now Chad had the best round against Conor that anyone has ever had, he controlled him on top with his wrestling like no one ever has. Given that he was then gassed out from the brutal body shots Conor landed he was then finished in the second. He couldn’t even keep his hands up.

Now based on this assumption that Conor has trouble with wrestlers, which we’ve seen with our own eyes, how’s he going to do against a bigger and better wrestler? Khabib is a big 155er, where Chad is a small 145er. It’s quite the step up for Conor who’s going against someone who is his absolute weakness.

This is what makes this fight so entertaining because it’s the age old match up of striker vs wrestler.

Who wins this fight?

Max Holloway – Concussion Symptoms Lead to Withdrawal From Title Fight

holloway out


Max Holloway is the most dominant fighter in the UFC featherweight division right now, and he’s the most dominant featherweight of all time. He currently sits on a 12 fight win streak, just four fights behind Anderson Silva’s record at 16. What has so far turned into a super unfortunate event is him pulling out of his title fight against Ortega. They are scheduled to fight in roughly 4 days and this is a super bummer to the card. International fight week, four years in a row has had a major blow out to a card with title fights getting scrapped.

There has not been a replacement yet for Ortega who has been on a tear himself recently. He’s just won “Break out fighter of the year” from the MMA awards which is well deserved. Some people underrated him even after he beat Cub Swanson, but his dominant victory over Frankie Edgar sealed the deal for his spot in the top of the featherweight division. That KO over Frankie was brutal with a nice lead elbow which started the end of Frankie, with the final finish coming from a brutal uppercut which literally catapulted Frankie off of his feet and onto the ground. It’s one of the gnarliest uppercuts you’ll ever see.

ortega uppercut

As you can see above, Frankie quite literally left planet earth.

Not to take the shine away from Max, but this would have been one helluva fight. Personally I would have been betting on Max to beat Ortega, Ortega is great and if he had beaten Max I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. But Max is in a league of his own and he’s nearly wiped out the entire division. He’s beaten the best of the best at 145 and is quickly running out of opponents to face. After Ortega he almost has no one left except rematches.

Wishing Max the all the best with his recovery and hope to see him in the cage ASAP!

Iaquinta v Khabib – The Craziest Lead Up To A Fight

Iaquinta v Khabib


In what has to be the craziest build up to a fight in UFC history, this has turned out to be a pretty exciting fight. From Khabib first fighting Tony Ferguson for the fourth time and this fight getting cancelled for the fourth time, which is unbelievable in itself. These guys just get get this fight together, it would be interesting to know the facts to see how many other times fights have been cancelled with the same two opponents. This is surely a record. Not only that but this close to a fight. Both have now pulled out just days before they were due to square off.

Then we had Max Holloway step up like a gangster on 6 days notice to fight for the title. Without any hesitation Max accepts the fight against one of the most feared fighters in the 155lb division. On 6 days notice, a weight class above where he’s the champ. This was some truly gangster shit. Unfortunately the doctors called off the fight and stated that Max was not medically fit to fight. This sucked because from Holloway’s camp he was weighing 159 at the time and the cut was actually going really well.

Never the less, with roughly 24hours left for Khabib to get an opponent, Al Iaquinta has stepped up to take on Khabib in the main event for the title. The title is not official for Al, though. Only Khabib can win the title officially, but Dana has stated that Iaquinta will be sorted out and treated as the champ if he were to win. So essentially this is a title fight. Talk about a crazy run of events for Iaquinta, who has had some trouble in the UFC in previous years where he has not fought and been pulled from cards. He was just suppose to fight Felder. Felder was next line for Khabib actually, but the comission wouldn’t allow it because he wasn’t ranked in the top 10. Then there was Al Iaquinta! Actually, before Felder or Iaquinta Pettis was taking the fight, he refused the money offer that the UFC offered him, so that fell through.

At the start of the week you would have NEVER guessed that Al Iaquinta would be essentially fighting Khabib in the main event for the 155lb title.

Bitcoin Casino – Top Rated Bitcoin Casino’s for Gambling and Betting

Australian bitcoin gambling site

5 Bitcoin
  • Casino
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1 Bitcoin
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Poker Freeroll
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$7,500 Bonus
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CloudBet is actually a Montenegro-based sportsbook and online bitcoin casino. It was established in the year 2013. This platform has been furnishing players around the world with a dependable and safe Bitcoin betting services. Controlled principally by BetSoft programming, CloudBet ensures a smooth betting experience, enabling clients to explore the site and appreciate prompt Bitcoin exchanges without any expenses.

This bitcoin casino incorporates live sports betting, sports betting, live casino with eSports wagering as an additional feature.
Betting Experience at CloudBet eSports

CloudBet is the most exceptional Bitcoin wagering sites out there. The site offers high pay-outs for eSports wagering – up to 10BTC. It’s conceivable to wager on the accompanying games:

  • • CS: GO
  • • Dota
  • • Hearthstone
  • • League of Legends
  • • StarCraft

It’s conceivable to wager on various occasions, players and groups each day. CloudBet offers the most elevated number of wagers for CS: GO and StarCraft.

Higher Bets

CloudBet Bitcoin casino incorporates high odds, starting from tiny to big sums. The maximum wager amount is up to 50 BTC, while the minimum amount for wager is 0.001 BTC. These wagering limits at CloudBet are well balanced both for new players as well as for old ones.


The design of the website looks incredible, especially on smartphones. It’s user friendly, fast, and everything works smoothly.


One of the distinguishing feature of CloudBet include games that offered through the software. One could imagine how interesting it would be the choice of games through programming as compared to the live merchant. They give different variety of games, and additionally well-known table and diverse varieties of those table games. They likewise have included more than 25 unique varieties of video poker. As though these games weren’t sufficient, they have additionally incorporated an area named “soft games”, which give players amusements, for example, Virtual Horse Racing and Keno


With regard to deposits and withdrawals, Bitcoin is only currency that can be utilized for deposits and getting pay-outs. Transfers take minimal time regardless of the user’s location. The process of verification is user-friendly, and security of all bitcoin exchanges are ensured. This is especially helpful for American players, as they remain anonymous and get the money rapidly and with near zero expenses.

Bonuses on CloudBet

The signup bonus is a plus point for this bitcoin casino platform. CloudBet also doubles the first deposit up to 5 Bitcoins. The bonus is transferred to your account when you earn Loyalty points by wagering. For each 800 you earned, 0.01 BTC is discharged from the reward. It can take a long time to get the full store reward. These points don’t have some other reason than clearing rewards, as there’s no VIP program or some other framework to remunerate the high-volume players. Other kinds of bonuses are not offered at the CloudBet Bitcoin casino.


This Bitcoin casino is among the best secured online casinos available in the industry. It keeps your deposits in the cold storage with offline signature keys, ensuring that no hacking can take place. CloudBet only requires email, date of birth and a password for account registration and is very dedicated to keeping the users’ privacy.

Additionally, they offer two-factor authentication for the user accounts and use https protocol.

Customer Care Support at CloudBet

The Customer care facility at Cloudbet is above average for the amount of traffic that they get, however, there are few areas that they lag behind. They claimed that their most of the emails were responded to within a two-hour time frame, but some of their emails didn’t get responded to for about 10 to 12 hours. They quote that they will get back within 24 hours, but by today’s standards, that is below average, to say the least. Allowed we do understand that some time periods are busier than others, yet 10 to 12 hours for a reaction is very frustrating. In many cases, the customers got a reaction, that the agent they dealt with their question was exceptionally proficient, courteous and settled the issue, rapidly.


  • • Most astounding wagering limits in the market
  • • Greatest store reward in the market
  • • Quick withdrawals


  • • Requires your email address verification for new accounts
  • • Small number of bets for eSports


CloudBet provides players with one of the best highlights in the business. They offer a wide assortment of wagers on eSports, conventional games, and casino games. The wagering site may not awe the players with super high chances over the stage, yet the greatest store reward (up to 5 BTC) in the market is surely alluring for new players. Maximum limits for the wagers are another appealing thing about CloudBet. They do have a few negatives, however unmistakably CloudBet is truly outstanding in the business and offers an amazing service to each one of the individuals who are looking to bet on their most loved eSports games



Nitrogensports is an expansive web sportsbook and online Bitcoin casino established in late 2012. It began off as an average sportsbook, incorporating an e-wallet currency like Skrill, Mastercard and Visa. In any case, in 2013 Nitrogen Sports started its operation with Bitcoin as an essential store and withdrawal strategy. Today, the whole operation is run solely in Bitcoin – and Nitrogen Sports has turned out to be one of the biggest and most noticeable Bitcoin sportsbooks out there. NitrogenSports offers pre-coordinate markets on an extensive variety of games. NitrogenSports is a popular Bitcoin sportsbook in Australia. They won’t confine winning players. They acknowledge players from numerous nations including the United States.
Its offers numerous exciting sports like CS: GO, Dota, LOL and other entertaining esports. In addition to it, their online bitcoin casino offer games like soccer, rugby, basketball, American football. If someone is looking for a noteworthy and secure online Bitcoin casino, Nitrogen Sports can be relied on.

NitrogenSports Design

The design of the website seems to be stereotype as far as its users rating are concerned. Nevertheless, it is trustworthy and user friendly that most of the users are looking for in a Bitcoin casino.
The design of the website is straightforward. On the off chance that you need to wager on Baseball then you will discover that all the games in that category will show up. This is precisely how we anticipate that a sportsbook will work. We might want to see a refreshed outline, one that is more pleasant to the eyes. Be that as it may, it isn’t our principle need.
The Account section of the bitcoin casino is nicely arranged. One can easily change his password, sign out & add 2-FA.


NitrogenSports looks very basic but it has an extensive variety of highlights. It incorporates games like Casino, SportsBook and Poker which addresses the issues of each player.

NitrogenSports primary component is its SportsBook. They offer an extensive variety of games like eSports, Soccer, Basketball and significantly more. To add to this, they offer different markets like match winners, pistol roundwinners, handicaps, and the rundown goes on. Besides, they offer Parlays and Teasers which is an awesome component for the individuals who like them.

Their website does offer online wagering; however, this feature is unfathomably restricted. They don’t offer any eSports live wagering, the live wagering is only for the Basketball, Soccer or Baseball. It is great that they offer live wagering, nonetheless, we would love to see them offer eSports live wagering and we recommend them to further develop this exciting feature in the years to come.

Numerous betting bitcoin casinos are hung on the Twitter which enables the Twitter supporters to acquire additional Bitcoin. NitrogenSports likewise offer successive free wagers which can be found on their blog.

Live chat feature is also available at NitrogenSports, where you can collaborate with Nitrogen staff and with different clients. They likewise offer email support and support through an implicit ticket framework.

Nitrogen Sports Casino Games

Their online bitcoin casino enables you to play four games including, Two Deck Blackjack, One Deck Blackjack, Eight Deck Blackjack, and Dice. These games have their own complex rules that can be accessed through the menu on left.
This whole review is slanted to give decent evaluations for the diverse games accessible on this online bitcoin casino. You can’t expect exceptional graphics yet you ought to have the capacity to encounter a sufficient gaming knowledge.

Gaming Software & Platform

Nitrogen Sports does offer wide variety of games that have been developed in-house. It has proprietary gaming software employed. As a result, it makes easy for Nitrogen Sports to do adjustments with its new features like the new features for the poker game introduced not so recently. The games are HTML5 so they are not that asset overwhelming and ought to have the capacity to run easily on most of the gadgets.

Nitrogen Casino on Mobile

Their website is highly compatible for mobile viewing so you can expect a decent gaming not only on your tablet computer but also on the smartphones. Mobile apps for Nitrogen Sports has not yet developed. Nevertheless, the mobile-friendly website and the HTML5 based games ought to be adequate to enjoy portable gaming anywhere and anytime.


NitrogenSports offers a considerable measure of promotions to attract the new users. Counting the NFL Survivor Pool where players can register themselves for nothing to win $2,000. This is awesome to see and is extraordinary for tenderfoot bettors who would prefer not to lose any cash yet pick up a considerable measure. You just need to follow their Twitter account or their blog you will find numerous promotions on it.

NitrogenSports : Odds & Limits

As far as our experience is concerned, NitrogenSports offers its users with the best in the business. For instance, while wagering on Baseball you will find that NitrogenSports took a 10% house cut on the match winner. This is staggeringly amazing and you will just observe equivalent or better lines on Pinnacle and LunarBets. Lamentably, eSports lines are by and large a more awful with the house cut being 24%.

NitrogenSports Odds

Basically, limitations are extraordinary on NitrogenSports generally. It offers great cut-off points, stretching around $16,000 for baseball match winner. But limiting value on eSports are not as great. Low Tier bitcoin casino games frequently have constrained around $150. While Tier 1 points of confinement can go up to $5,000.
In bitcoin terms, the base wagers can be as low as 0.0001 which is superb to see.

Quick Highlights of Nitrogen Sports Transactions

  •  Different deposit addresses for the players: Yes
  • • Payment Processor: NitrogenSports
  • • Cost or fee: None
  • • Deposits: Instant
  • • Withdrawal time: Instant
  • • Player to player transfer: Available.

Customer Service

As far as the user experience is concerned, NitrogenSports customer service is really good. Admin is also available in their live chat who will be able to answer and straightforward questions that were asked by different users. Additionally, their staff offers you bet slips to get pass messages onto the higher-ups. Email support is also available at NitrogenSports.

Privacy & Security

  • • No information required is required at signup.
  • • It does offer 2-Factor Authentication which makes NitrogenSports very reliable.


  • • Anonymous playing is allowed.
  • • High betting limits
  • • Self-exclusion option is also available
  • • You can chat with other players including live community chat.
  • • Tournaments for the poker games
  • • No need of any kind of identification and email required for account registration


  • • Only the blackjack games are probably fair
  • • No live chat support and telephone number listed
  • • Some users may find the system too complicated


In 2015, there’s no preferable choice over Nitrogen in bitcoin sports wagering markets. Hell, they’re a best choice no matter how you look at it. Their principal achievement is that within a limited number of years they have in the business, yet they’ve done everything right up until this point.
No other bitcoin site compares to them in terms of odds and markets. In case you’re bouncing into bitcoin sports wagering, Nitrogen Sports is a reasonable first decision.


Joe Fortune Casino is a web based gaming or an online bitcoin casino webpage that is established in the year 2016 and is actually controlled and managed by their betting partners, a similar organization that works for the US-accommodating locales Slots.lv & Bovada. This online bitcoin casino offers wide variety of games and has acquired techniques from its sister-locales. It offers its wagering administrations only to Australians. This website has recently launched, yet its parent organization has an extraordinary history of offering strong pay-outs and not too bad extra terms to their players, making a great deal for the Aussies betters.


Their software is actually powered by Makitone and iSoftBet gaming. They offer casino games with the assistance of a a web-based instant play platform that enables players to deposit, register, play, and withdraw all from their internet browser. They do offer portable online gaming, which enables you to play by means of your cell phone or tablet.


Amazing Pokies Selection

There is one most important thing that Australians adore, is the selection of pokies. As you visit Australia one can see poker machines in clubs, pubs, hotels and casinos. They can’t get enough of what the greater part of the world calls space machines, so it makes idealize since that this site would go hard and fast to deliver the most ideal choice of machines.

JoeFortune.com do offers them great variety in this regard. There are online bitcoin casino games from an extensive variety of the best programming suppliers in the business. To begin it with titans of the business, for example, a Realtime Gaming (RTG) and Microgaming. Microgaming is maybe the absolute most pervasive openings supplier in the online gambling club world, holding licenses for most of the properties on the planet and presenting a portion of the greatest bonanzas you can discover on the Internet. RTG is best known for their real series of games, an essential system that has been utilized to construct many diverse, fun, and fascinating games that cover an assortment of topics.

This is only the beginning of the pokies selection. One can find games by Rival, an innovative developer that has become strongly associated with their iSlots line. It also includes games of popular production studios, such as Spinomenal.
Regardless of whether you need graphically extreme games with sound and video clips from your most loved motion pictures, machines that reveal to you a story, or a shot at a multimillion dollar bonanza

  • Only a couple of the best machines you’ll discover here include:
  • • Shopping Spree
  • • Caesar’s Empire
  • • Hole in Won
  • • As the Reels Turn
  • • Game of Thrones
  • • Hitman
  • • Jurassic Park
  • • Tomb Raider
  • • Heavyweight Gold
  • • Scary Rich
  • • Table Games and More

Joe Fortune likewise offers a scope of different games past their slot area. While these different zones don’t have a remarkable amazing determination of games portrayed over, there is still that anyone could need here to fulfill most of its exciting features.
For example, the table game segment has more than 15 distinct diversions that you can look over. This region covers the majority of the exemplary clubhouse top choices like blackjack, roulette, and craps, alongside a reasonable number of different choices.

You’ll discover the majority of the accompanying here:

  • Blackjack
  • • American Roulette
  • • European Roulette
  • • Craps
  • • Baccarat
  • • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • • Let ‘em Ride
  • • Pai Gow Poker
  • • Tri Card Poker
  • • Vegas Three Card Rummy

There’s likewise various collections of video poker machines accessible for play. Here, you’ll generally discover great machines, however there are two or three lesser known options as well. A couple of the greater exciting games – specifically, Jacks or Better and Joker Poker – come in both single-hand and multihand modes.

The majority of the accompanying machines can be picked here:

  1. • Jacks or Better
  2. • Deuces Wild
  3. • Joker Poker
  4. • Bonus Poker
  5. • Double Bonus
  6. • Double Jackpot Poker
  7. • Loose Deuces
  8. • Bonus Deuces Wild

In addition to it, specialty games are also available at this website which fit into different categories. In the first place, there’s a gathering of “scratchies,” moment win scratch cards that cover a wide range of topics. It also incorporates collection of bingo-based games that will assure you sure short prices in the game.

Bitcoin Bonus Offer

One can utilize bitcoins to receive a bigger bonus. $5,000 is a gigantic sum. Be that as it may, you can get a much bigger reward by utilizing Bitcoin. That is what company is offering as a bonus.

Joe Fortune will coordinate your first deposit at 300% up to $1,500. You would then be able to assert a 150% deposit on your next eight deposits – up to $750 each.

  • • 300% to $1500 on your initial deposit
  • • 150% to $750 on your next eight deposits

Add up to reward on the off chance that you utilize Bitcoin: $7,500
But make sure to peruse the terms and conditions.

Promotions at JoeFortune.com

There are two promos you can exploit as an enlisted part: Mate’s Rates and Ripper Rewards. Here’s the manner by which they work.

Mate’s Rates is a referral program. You’ll get a $100 abundance for every individual you allude who enlists a record and stores in any event $20.

JoeFortune.com claims they’ll make you a very rich person in the event that you allude 10 million individuals. The $100 referral is a reward cash, not free cash. It’s like the Welcome Bonus: you need to meet a 40X playthrough prerequisite to clear it.

Likewise, the most extreme money out sum (reward in addition to rewards) is constrained to 10X the reward.
Ripper Rewards is nothing but a loyalty program. One will immediately start receiving a daily 10% cashback on all of your deposits. The day you reach a VIP status, you’ll start receiving a daily 15% cashback. Overall, they offer a decent promotional incentive, which other sites do not offer.

Withdrawal & Deposit options

JoeFortune.com offers limited banking options. They actually offer three ways to fund your account, and they are:

  • • Visa (Min = $20, Max = $1,000 for new players)
  • • MasterCard (Min = $20, Max = $1,000 for new players)
  • • Bitcoin (Min = $20, Max = $5,000)

It has only 4 ways to request a withdrawal and they are:

  • • Credit Card (Min = $20, Max = $2,400)
  • • Bank Wire (Min = $1,5000, Max = $9,500)
  • • Bitcoin (Min = $20, Max = $10,000)
  • • Check (Min = $20, Max = $3,000)

The moment you achieve a VIP status they will increase your maximum limits in case of withdrawal and deposits.

Customer Support

The people behind Joe Fortune obviously comprehend the significance of giving responsive help to players who require it.

You can contact a help rep by means of three choices:

  1. • Phone: 1(800) 837-129
  2. • Email: service@joefortune.com
  3. • Live chat

They also influence you to connect them on social media platforms and they are as follows:

A considerable measure of inquiries can be replied by scrutinizing the FAQ segment on JoeFortune.com. It’s sorted out into seven classes:

  • • Account & Security
  • • Technical Issues
  • • Bitcoin
  • • Bonuses
  • • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • • FAQ
  • • Financial Issues

The support offered by the Joe Fortune Casino are noteworthy, especially the degree and association of the FAQs


If you are searching for a trustworthy online bitcoin casino, it’s difficult to beat JoeFortune.com. They have a huge amount of games, which are all completely inspected, and keep on adding games every month. They additionally offer an exciting reward to new players.

Another favourable position of playing at Joe Fortune is that the is platform independent which most of the websites lack in this bitcoin industry. You can play on your work area or workstation (Mac or Windows), your tablet (iOS or Android), or your telephone (iOS, Android, Windows, and even Blackberry).

Having said that, there are a couple of things we would love to see develop later on. To start with, Joe Fortune doesn’t as of now offer live merchants. That is the area they need to work upon it.

In general, it is genuine and decent platform for the new bettors. Despite what might be expected, it emerges as a noteworthy contender to its rivals. On the off chance that you live in Australia, we exceedingly prescribe test driving this online bitcoin casino.



BITCASINO.IO is simply an online bitcoin casino which is created exclusively for those players who wants to utilize bitcoins while playing gaming or betting online. The company claims to first ever licensed and a legal betting website. It has developed recently as an online bitcoin casino yet it is attractive so even players who are new to bitcoins shouldn’t think that it’s difficult to make sense of how to play on this website.

It has more than 1500 games on its website, Bitcasino.io is a major online clubhouse highlighting games like, blackjack, poker, rummy, lottery, and roulette. Players get the opportunity to appreciate a 100% store reward of up to 1 BCT and in addition reload rewards for the following deposit you made on your account. The company claims to give away more than 18,000 BTC in bonanzas. Likewise, it is eminent for having moderately quick deposits and withdrawal features.

Bitcasino.io additionally includes a sportsbook segment. This enables players to put down wagers on live games diversions and win bitcoins. It’s an extraordinary expansion since live wagering is considered as one of the most straightforward approaches to gather bitcoins. This means one can gather bitcoins by winning in his choice of game.

It also offers live merchants playing options that make for a more practical playing knowledge. It’s much the same as playing at a genuine club condition despite the fact that you don’t need to prepare yourself up and leave your room. Live dice and live lotto games can likewise be played.

It has an area named as Raffles area. Wagers are routinely held, giving bitcoin prizes and also tickets for doing certain activities on the site. The wagers are available to all players, from the novices to the VIPs.

Registration Process

They have a very user-friendly registration process. You simply need to accept their terms and conditions in order to proceed.

The site guarantees that registration would just take 15 seconds. It is somewhat speedy agreeing to accept their terms and conditions. You will in a split second have the capacity to get to your record without the need to do any email check or different types of confirmation.

In order to register on their website, you simply need to tap on the huge green enrolment button close to the upper right-hand corner of the site. Just mention some of the fields on the online frame that will be appeared and tap on the Register button. You will then be welcomed by a page that will demonstrate to you the rewards and then you have the freedom to enjoy the enlisted rewards on their website.


• Bitcasino.io has minimum of 38 games jackpot games to make you entertain. Here are some of the popular games enlisted on their website. It incorporates, Mega Glam Life, Greedy Goblins, Speed Cash, Mr. Vegas, Jackpot Jamba, The Dark Knight, Diamond Progressive, Enchanted JP Tycoons Plus, Major Millions, Treasure Room and Fruit Fiesta.

• In Video Slots category, it includes games like, Five Star Luxury, Money Farm, Power Dragon, Legend of Satoshi, Satoshi’s Secret, Rook’s Revenge, Sugar Pop Dragon King, Reel Web of Darkness, Fortune Panda, Gold Trophy, Andre the Giant, Greener Pasteur, Alaskan Fishing Under the Sea, and Wizard of Gems.

• Some of the Roulette games available are, Live Roulette, American Roulette Premier Roulette Diamond, French Roulette, Zoom Roulette, Multiplayer Roulette, Common Draw Roulette, European Roulette, Live Automated Roulette, Spingo, Playboy Multiplayer Roulette, VIP American Roulette and Playboy Multiplayer Live Roulette.

• Table Games, like Pai Gow Poker, Casino Hold’em, Red Dog and many more.

• Right now, there are just two games available under the multiplayer classification. These are Multiplayer Avalon and Multiplayer Max Damage

• Lastly, there are also some casual games like, Premier Racing, Premier Trotting, Germinator, Enchanted Words, Four by Four and Crown and Anchor.


It uses CoinGaming.io as its primary platform for gaming. This hearty gaming platform has been created with contributions from creators, designers, and legal counsellors and has a demonstrated reputation in being solid, simple to utilize, and stable. It is touted as the main programming for white-mark bitcoin-based casinos and additionally for sportsbook arrangements.

Independence of platform

Their website can run on any platform including smartphones. It naturally alters for the best fit when stacked on a versatile web program. You don’t have to to click on a mobile version in order to load the website. The basic version of the website is adequately responsive to any of the platform.

Currency acceptance at Bitcasino.io

Bitcoins is the only currency to be accepted by the company. It is to noted that that the site uses the mBTC denomination or 1/1000 of a BTC.

What is the Maximum Pay-out at Bitcasino.io

It has a limit of 50 BTC every week. Rewards higher than 50 BTC will be paid in parts at 50 BTC every week until the full amount is completely paid.

Customer Support

One can easily contact Bitcasino.io’s administration through the steady Help centre button that is available on the right side of the site. There is also an alternative option for a live chat that you can use by signing into your Facebook account or by agreeing to accept the terms and conditions of the website. In addition to it, it has an online contact frame accessible. You have to enter your legitimate email deliver in order to get your queries resolved at Bitcasino.io.

Signup Bonus

In other words, it is also called as welcome bonus, Bitcasino.io offers a signup bonus of 1000 mBTC or 1 BTC.

Other Bonuses

Bitcasino.io offers a 100% first deposit bonus of up to 1000 mBTC and a 50% second deposit bonus with a maximum amount of also 1000 mBTC. For the succeeding deposits, 25% bonus is given, similarly up to 1000 mBTC.

VIP rewards are also offered to players that are loyal. One of its exciting rewards include usually electronic items such as smart TVs, laptops, and much more.

License and Security

Bitcasino.io is a directed and authorized web based betting webpage. Its gaming operations is authorized by the legislature of Montenegro under gaming permit # 0042 and additionally by the Government of Curacao under gaming permit # 8048/JAZ2013-008. Complaints of breaches of the terms and conditions shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of courts in Montenegro.


  • • Huge variety of HD games
  • • Wholly bitcoin based online bitcoin casino
  • • Has a legally valid license
  • • Never ending deposit and withdrawal
  • • Exciting bonuses and affiliate programs


  • • Not as good when compared to other online bitcoin casinos
  • • Only bitcoin is supported
  • • Max bonus 1 BTC

Stepwise guide on how to buy bitcoin from the website coinjar.com.au

1. Choose trading platform
Firstly, in order to buy bitcoin, you have to set up an account at coinjar.com with that will let you buy and sell bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

2. Set up a digital wallet
Secondly, in order to buy bitcoin from coinjar.com, you have to set up a digital wallet. This will be a moderately secure place to store your bitcoin and furthermore is the “address” you have to give when you’re purchasing and offering digital money.

To begin with, Coinjar simply require some fundamental points of interest from you, starting with your name and email address. Once your email has been affirmed, you can sign in and explore your own special CoinJar. This is the first step towards purchasing bitcoin from Coinjar.

3. Becoming verified
CoinJar’s cryptocurrency wallet premium features is accessible to all of its members. However, in order to use CoinJar’s bank transfer and currency exchange features you’ll first need to complete ID verification. To begin with you need to sign in to your Identity Portal and follow the directions.

4. Accounts
After creating an account on the Coinjar one can initiate the process of buying the bitcoins. As a result, you can transfer these funds from one type of account to another, and CoinJar will automatically convert the amount on the fly. It’s the fastest currency conversion you’ll ever see.

5. Transferring funds from your bank account into your CoinJar
One can easily transfer funds from his personal bank account into your CoinJar’s Cash account at any time after creating an account at Coinjar. The moment your funds reach CoinJar and are approved, they’ll automatically be added into your Cash Account. As a result, you can transfer them across into your everyday Bitcoin account to convert the funds into bitcoin, or to any of your other currency accounts.

6. Buying bitcoin and converting your funds
With the funds now accessible in your cash account, you can choose ‘Exchange’ to move those assets into your everyday bitcoin account. CoinJar will step you through the procedure and furnish you with a statement. Once you confirm these details your funds will be instantly converted and your Everyday Bitcoin account will be credited. It is much easier than going to a bank and get the things done. So, what are you waiting for, go and signup today