The photo of McGregor before it happened – Best Bonus Bets


This man here is now the champion in two different weight divisions simultaneously and it’s never been done before. The crazy thing about that photo is that it was taken BEFORE he was even the champ in one division. He definitely knew what he wanted and he knew how to go out and get it. If this type of photo doesn’t inspire you then nothing will!

He’s had a stellar run thus far, some of his opponents might even argue he hasn’t fought the best of the best yet, but there’s no denying he’s dominated in all of his fights apart from Diaz.

Alvarez was the highest ranked, toughest and most well rounded fighter he has ever faced, on paper at least. The way Conor dispatched him was so dominant. That’s what the really scary part about this whole fight, it was how easily Conor beat him. He toyed with him, he landed his shots at will and left the fight without a scratch or even taking a punch.

Who does Conor face next? – There’s two clear #1 contenders at 55′; Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Both have recent dominant wins over their opponents. Ferguson just dominated RDA in a 5 rounder. He put on an excruciating pace on the former 55′ champ at altitude! It was crazy. Khabib is coming off a dominant win over Michael Johnson the same night Mcgregor dominated Alvarez.  Khabib is also 24-0, he’s undefeated and he’s also MASSIVE.

Personally I’d like to see Khabib get the next shot. It would be a true test for Mcgregor against a guy who is a massive 55’er and the best grappler in the division. If Khabib gets McGregor to the ground it will be game over. If Mcgregor were to go straight to 170 and challenge Woodley for the belt that would be awesome aswell.

No matter who he faces now he’ll be having the toughest fights of his life. How long will he last?

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