Bitmex – The Best Bitcoin Leverage Trading Exchange For Australians

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Why Bitmex?

The best bitcoin trading exchange is and I’m going to share the reasons why.

I’ve personally been trading at Bitmex for over a year now so I have more then enough experience to give you the proper information. No other exchange comes close to the liquidity or the leverage. I’ll run through the benefits of Bitmex for you.

You can LONG and SHORT altcoins without touching the altcoins themselves.

This means you only use your bitcoin for trades. You’re trading ‘futures’ on bitmex, it’s exactly the same as trading the altcoins you just don’t hold them.

You can use up to 100x leverage.

This means that if you have 1 bitcoin, you can trade with up to 100 bitcoins. This allows you to have bigger positions but at the same time allows you to risk less. You minimise exposure and losses but maximise your wins and gains.

You can trade with $1 – this allows you to learn to trade.

You don’t have to have huge positions, infact you can have a $1 position as you learn to trade, and that $1 position can be had with 1 cent, considering you use 100x leverage. This is a huge benefit with learning as it’s costing you virtually nothing to learn the ropes until you become profitable.

Bitmex is the most secure exchange on the planet.

Bitmex has never been hacked and holds the tighest security procedure of any exchange. You are only able to withdraw at one time per day (12:00 UTC) and you are also required to have a email confirmation plus your 2FA confirmation. All withdrawals are manually processed at this time. Withdrawals also come from their cold wallet as is most of their bitcoins. This means even if the exchange were to be somehow hacked, there would be very little bitcoins that the hackers could actually take.

You only need an email to signup for an account.

There is no KYC (know your customer) and everyone is welcome to create an account and deposit. You are completely anonymous.

For these reasons Bitmex is our exchange of choice and it should be yours aswell!

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