Poirier v Holloway and Adesanya v Gastelum – the Greatest mainevents ever?

Were these the greatest fights to ever happen in consecutive main and co main event spots on a single fight card?

What an amazing showing from all four of these great athletes and warriors. Hell even Eryk Anders showed up again and proved he’s made of metal. I’d say most people in the crowds wouldn’t have had a voice the next day they were screaming so hard.

Israel is definetely the real deal and it was good to see him tested that way before a title fight. It’s going to be very hard to doubt him in the future now that we absolutely KNOW he’s a savage inside the ring and has a heart of a lion.

That’s not a question anymore. Gastelum was never in question. That dude is a mexican warrior. All Mexicans are known for their toughness so he kind of already had the benefit of the doubt.

Does Israel beat Whittaker for the belt? Well, we can’t question either of their hearts in this game. It’s going to be one hell of a battle. It’s a hard one for me to pick a side because they’re both so close to home. Whittaker being a fellow Aussie I have to root for him but I also love Israel so damn much. I watched him live fighting in Melbourne against Anderson Silva, who in my opinion is the greatest fighter to ever live. But Whittaker is my countrymen, how do you bet against him?

Holloway and Poirier was also a amazing fight. How crazy was it to watch both these wars back to back? Damn!

What does Holloway to from here? He’s also one of my favourite fighters of all time and I wrote an article about him here predicting he would be a UFC champion. Since he’s still the 145lb champ he will still have alot of options moving forward. Still more guys for him to fight.

Will Poirier beat Khabib for the belt? I don’t see it happening but I’ve doubted him a few times and he’s always lived up and proved me wrong!

The Current Crypto Market


Today was a great day for all bitcoin hodlers with a strong move up from $3,700 in recent days all the way to $5,100 today with a huge move. The move was a $1,000 spike within 52 minutes of trading.

Lot’s of euphoria around the market and rightfully so. It’s been a hard 12+ months of bitcoin continuously going down, with 7 straight red monthly candles. Something that has never been seen before with bitcoin.

is this the end of the bear market? Well one can only assume so. With Bitcoin moving up we can only assume that the rest of the altcoin market should follow it. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all ships.

It’s a good idea to take profits if you were in the move on the way up. Don’t get caught up in the euphoria and lose gains when a retrace will come. Nothing goes up forever and bitcoin isn’t in a bull market yet.

There are some really exciting crypto projects that have come about in the bear market and it’s quite cool to see that many of these projects have continued to build whilst other projects have just given up. It would be a wise decision to research these projects as they’re going to be extremely undervalued and should see some great returns come the alt season bull run.

Don’t expect the same crypto’s that once pumped to be the main ones that pump again. What I’m expecting is a bunch of new alt coins to be the ones with the major pumps and slowly replace the current coins that we have. This makes sense because if you look into the previous years the top 100 coins are constantly changing. Same thing will happen this time around. New coins will take the top 100 and top 10.

Interesting times ahead. If you’re interested in gambling with bitcoin you can check out our article here.

Velasquez v Ngannou – Battle of the Titans

This is looking to be a great fight tomorrow with an interesting matchup in styles. Cain has been out for a while now with his last fight being in July of 2016 against Travis Browne where he demolished him. This would actually be the start of a 4 fight losing streak, 3 of those fights getting finished, for Travis before he called it quits.

What’s really great about this fight is that Cain is a known beast wrestler with T.J Dillashaw having fond memories of him back in the college days where he said he was scared of him. Cain is an intimidating dude, he’s huge and if he wanted to, he could hold you down and kill you like a gorilla with the tattoo across his chest “brown pride” staring you in the face.

Cain being a beast wrestler, he’s also a great striker. We saw him take years of JDS’s life where he not only wrestle fucked him but out struck him. lets look at Cain v JDS 3.

Look at the output and work rate that Cain has. Unbelieveable really that a heavyweight can throw 378 strikes in a fight. That’s 76 strikes a round. 15 strikes a minute. He’s throwing a strike every 4 seconds. Continuously. For 25 minutes straight. He’s a fucking workhorse. He only landed 2 takedowns that fight, most of those strikes were on the feet.

It’s interesting to compare the two fights with Ngannou where a similar style suffocated him. Miocic had a decent out put that fight with a similar amount of strikes thrown against him. He’s essentially laid the blue print on how to beat Ngannou. Smother him and throw a big volume of punches.

It’s hard to say whether Cain is better then Miocic because they’ve never fought, but given they have a similar style where Cain can grind like Miocic, Cain is likely to do the exact same thing to Ngannou.

Ngannou’s chance is that he lands a bomb like JDS did, otherwise Cain will do what he did to JDS and what Miocic already did to Ngannou.

Velasquez by a dominant decision.

The Aftermath – Cejudo v Dillashaw

the aftermath

The aftermath of Dillashaw v Cejudo took me by surprise and I think it took alot of other people by surprise as well. Almost everyone I saw counted Cejudo out, including me. The reasons I thought TJ would win can be seen here. But to re-hash – TJ was going to be the bigger man, he had fought and beaten better competition and Cejudo’s previous fight he had IMO lost to DJ. DJ had been robbed and Cejudo was lucky to win and become the champ.

This is NOT how the fight turned out. The only advantage I saw from Cejudo was the obvious one, that was he’s an olympic gold medalist.

Who the fuck expected this fight to only go for 32 seconds?

What’s interesting is that TJ had been cracked way harder in previous fights, such as when he fought Cody and was dropped after taking a clean hard shot right on the jaw. He did not take a hard shot like that from Cejudo yet it seemed to have that type of an effect on his consciousness.

From everyone in TJ’s camp and form himself, the weight cut WAS NOT an issue. He said he had actually GAINED strength and was hitting personal records on lifting. Which is incredible considering he was moving down 10 pounds.

Was the fight stopped early? I don’t think so. The ref jumped in at the right time, from where I see it TJ would have just taken more damage which would have been unnecessary. Think about it if it went this way: The ref does not step in and TJ takes another 10 shots until he’s completely out of consciousness. We’d all be sitting around talking about how bad the stoppage was and what a dick the referee is.

The only person who can take the blame is TJ. Don’t want the ref to step in? Don’t take 10 shots to the dome without landing one yourself. Don’t get wobbled on your feet and continue to take shots without defending yourself.

Whether it was or was not a bad stoppage is simply putting the blame on someone else for getting wobbled early and taking hard shots 30 seconds into a fight.

Would love to see them rematch as TJ is WAY better then what he showed that night. A rematch at 125 would be ideal for TJ but I don’t see that happening, why would Cejudo risk that? He’s the A team now and you’d expect him to now chase the 135lb title to be champ champ. If he loses at 135 then we get a trilogy and it makes sense that we see that at 125 given TJ would be the A team. He has to win that fight first tho.

Cerrone v Hernandez really was no surprise and I had said it was almost identical to when he fought Myles Jury. It was too much too soon for Hernandez and unfortunately for him he had to trash talk the whole way through. Would have been an humbling experience for him and look forward to seeing how he returns. A fight like that may have changed him. Look at Myles Jury, he’s never been the same since Cerrone smashed him.

Dillashaw v Cejudo – The fight for Champ Champ

dillashaw v cejudo

Dillashaw v Cejudo – The fight for Champ Champ

Dillashaw v Cejudo is tomorrow night. They’ve weighed in today and Dillashaw was on the money! How good did he look? it was astonishing to hear so many people say he wouldn’t make weight or that he’d struggle. If you had seen him on the Joe Rogan podcast he had quite clearly stated that he would make the weight easily. He had been trying to get the Mighty Mouse fight as soon as he got the title at 35’s. This dude is chasing the #1 P4P spot. A proper competitor. When he says he can make the weight easily you best believe that he can make the weight.

He may have the best nutrionist in the game. He was a savage on the mits for the open workout he had. He had the most energy of all the fighters and went hard for atleast 20 minutes.

The fight itself is fascinating. I thought Mighty Mouse beat Cejudo fairly clearly and got robbed. So from my eyes Cejudo is a fake champ and does not deserve to be there. But since we’re talking about these two who are actually in the fight then that’s who we’ll talk about.

Cejudo doesn’t have the slickest stand up but we can grant him a great ground game considering he’s a gold medal olympian in wrestling. That in itself is an astonishing feat. But, that’s his biggest strength and he’s coming against a bigger, better, stronger, faster more well rounded fighter in T.J.

Cejudo has one way to win this fight imo. He needs to lay and pray on T.J. I can not see that happening.

T.J on the other hand has more ways to win. If it stays standing he’s going to light Cejudo up. he clearly has the power after KOing Cody twice in a row. He’s also a savage competitor who wants it more.

T.J will win this fight and make it look fairly easy. Likely a later round stoppage after putting on some big pressure. Cejudo will fold and the ref steps in to wave the fight off. T.J holds up two belts on the cage and makes history.

T.J is now the champ champ. Next fight he takes on Max Holloway to try and make history of the triple champ, the champ champ champ.

Bitcoin Bottom – Have we seen it?

bitcoin bottom

We’re at an interesting phase in the bitcoin market cycle. There’s been a huge shakeout from 20k all the way down to where we are at 3k. Still, plenty of people are up a huge sum of money from when they got in in the single digits.

Almost everyone I know who’s still in crypto has lost money. Very few of them got in that early, this means almost everyone in crypto has lost money as well.

This is not a place you want to be.

At the same time this is also not a place you want to sell after you’ve held the whole way down to here. Granted you haven’t been trading and your investment is one of a long term investment, with a time horizon of 10 years, now isn’t the time to puke what you own.

I think it’s likely we have seen a bottom on bitcoin. Technical Analysis points towards us being at the bottom, especially when compared to historical data against bitcoin and other assets.

That being said if this is not the bottom then we will likely see $1,000.

$1000 bitcoin would be devastating for the community but the level of religious belief in bitcoin is something that hasn’t been seen before. Sure we saw it with some of the tech stocks from the internet bubble, but we have come a long way since then. Most interestingly is that we now know what the market needs.

We have already tested those waters.

Social media is a already tried and tested business model that creates value on the market.

We don’t need to guess when it comes to crypto’s and bitcoin which is extremely powerful as there’s going to be less guess work for what the market wants, capital is then able to flow freely and easily to where it needs to be and we’ll get better products because of it.

If you’ve held until now, now would be a bad time to sell everything and turn your back on bitcoin!


Bitmex – The Best Bitcoin Trading Exchange For Australians

Why Bitmex?

The best bitcoin trading exchange is Bitmex.com and I’m going to share the reasons why.

I’ve personally been trading at Bitmex for over a year now so I have more then enough experience to give you the proper information. No other exchange comes close to the liquidity or the leverage. I’ll run through the benefits of Bitmex for you.

You can LONG and SHORT altcoins without touching the altcoins themselves.

This means you only use your bitcoin for trades. You’re trading ‘futures’ on bitmex, it’s exactly the same as trading the altcoins you just don’t hold them.

You can use up to 100x leverage.

This means that if you have 1 bitcoin, you can trade with up to 100 bitcoins. This allows you to have bigger positions but at the same time allows you to risk less. You minimise exposure and losses but maximise your wins and gains.

You can trade with $1 – this allows you to learn to trade.

You don’t have to have huge positions, infact you can have a $1 position as you learn to trade, and that $1 position can be had with 1 cent, considering you use 100x leverage. This is a huge benefit with learning as it’s costing you virtually nothing to learn the ropes until you become profitable.

Bitmex is the most secure exchange on the planet.

Bitmex has never been hacked and holds the tighest security procedure of any exchange. You are only able to withdraw at one time per day (12:00 UTC) and you are also required to have a email confirmation plus your 2FA confirmation. All withdrawals are manually processed at this time. Withdrawals also come from their cold wallet as is most of their bitcoins. This means even if the exchange were to be somehow hacked, there would be very little bitcoins that the hackers could actually take.

You only need an email to signup for an account.

There is no KYC (know your customer) and everyone is welcome to create an account and deposit. You are completely anonymous.


For these reasons Bitmex is our exchange of choice and it should be yours aswell!

Sign up here for 10% off fee’s -> https://www.bitmex.com


Conor Mcgregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov – Who wins?

Conor Mcgregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov

Fights don’t get much bigger then this. Considering that Mcgregor is the biggest draw by a long margin in the UFC. Khabib, being an undefeated fighter who has quite literally never lost a round, this isn’t a hard fight to promote.

Some of the biggest questions surrounding Mcgregor has been his wrestling. He did not grow up wrestling and is a striker at heart. We’ve seen him have trouble against wrestlers before, Chad Mendes giving him the most trouble. If we were to go back to that time, would Chad have done better if he had a full training camp? Chad came off the couch to fight Mcgregor on two weeks notice for the biggest fight of his career.

The reason why Chad was called up was because Aldo had pulled out of the fight against Mcgregor for the world title. Now we can safely assume Mcgregor would have been in the shape of his life for this fight, but was Chad? Hell no. Now Chad had the best round against Conor that anyone has ever had, he controlled him on top with his wrestling like no one ever has. Given that he was then gassed out from the brutal body shots Conor landed he was then finished in the second. He couldn’t even keep his hands up.

Now based on this assumption that Conor has trouble with wrestlers, which we’ve seen with our own eyes, how’s he going to do against a bigger and better wrestler? Khabib is a big 155er, where Chad is a small 145er. It’s quite the step up for Conor who’s going against someone who is his absolute weakness.

This is what makes this fight so entertaining because it’s the age old match up of striker vs wrestler.

Who wins this fight?

Max Holloway – Concussion Symptoms Lead to Withdrawal From Title Fight

holloway out


Max Holloway is the most dominant fighter in the UFC featherweight division right now, and he’s the most dominant featherweight of all time. He currently sits on a 12 fight win streak, just four fights behind Anderson Silva’s record at 16. What has so far turned into a super unfortunate event is him pulling out of his title fight against Ortega. They are scheduled to fight in roughly 4 days and this is a super bummer to the card. International fight week, four years in a row has had a major blow out to a card with title fights getting scrapped.

There has not been a replacement yet for Ortega who has been on a tear himself recently. He’s just won “Break out fighter of the year” from the MMA awards which is well deserved. Some people underrated him even after he beat Cub Swanson, but his dominant victory over Frankie Edgar sealed the deal for his spot in the top of the featherweight division. That KO over Frankie was brutal with a nice lead elbow which started the end of Frankie, with the final finish coming from a brutal uppercut which literally catapulted Frankie off of his feet and onto the ground. It’s one of the gnarliest uppercuts you’ll ever see.

ortega uppercut

As you can see above, Frankie quite literally left planet earth.

Not to take the shine away from Max, but this would have been one helluva fight. Personally I would have been betting on Max to beat Ortega, Ortega is great and if he had beaten Max I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. But Max is in a league of his own and he’s nearly wiped out the entire division. He’s beaten the best of the best at 145 and is quickly running out of opponents to face. After Ortega he almost has no one left except rematches.

Wishing Max the all the best with his recovery and hope to see him in the cage ASAP!

Iaquinta v Khabib – The Craziest Lead Up To A Fight

Iaquinta v Khabib


In what has to be the craziest build up to a fight in UFC history, this has turned out to be a pretty exciting fight. From Khabib first fighting Tony Ferguson for the fourth time and this fight getting cancelled for the fourth time, which is unbelievable in itself. These guys just get get this fight together, it would be interesting to know the facts to see how many other times fights have been cancelled with the same two opponents. This is surely a record. Not only that but this close to a fight. Both have now pulled out just days before they were due to square off.

Then we had Max Holloway step up like a gangster on 6 days notice to fight for the title. Without any hesitation Max accepts the fight against one of the most feared fighters in the 155lb division. On 6 days notice, a weight class above where he’s the champ. This was some truly gangster shit. Unfortunately the doctors called off the fight and stated that Max was not medically fit to fight. This sucked because from Holloway’s camp he was weighing 159 at the time and the cut was actually going really well.

Never the less, with roughly 24hours left for Khabib to get an opponent, Al Iaquinta has stepped up to take on Khabib in the main event for the title. The title is not official for Al, though. Only Khabib can win the title officially, but Dana has stated that Iaquinta will be sorted out and treated as the champ if he were to win. So essentially this is a title fight. Talk about a crazy run of events for Iaquinta, who has had some trouble in the UFC in previous years where he has not fought and been pulled from cards. He was just suppose to fight Felder. Felder was next line for Khabib actually, but the comission wouldn’t allow it because he wasn’t ranked in the top 10. Then there was Al Iaquinta! Actually, before Felder or Iaquinta Pettis was taking the fight, he refused the money offer that the UFC offered him, so that fell through.

At the start of the week you would have NEVER guessed that Al Iaquinta would be essentially fighting Khabib in the main event for the 155lb title.