Conor Mcgregor Will KnockOut Donald Cerrone – Here’s Why

conor mcgregor headmovement

It is no secret Conor Mcgregor is a fantastic counter striker and this matchup with Donald Cerrone is a great matchup for him. When he said that the 155lb division was ‘stuck in the mud’ I think he was more referring to Donald because he was literally talking to him when he said this.


cerrone stiff

Cerrone’s achilles heel his whole career has been his lack of head movement. He really is stiff when he’s backing up and has no real fluidity dodging punches. For whatever reason that is it’s crazy because he has a background in kickboxing.

cerrone gif

It’s very typical of Cerrone to kind of just wait for his opponent to throw a punch and not try avoid those punches with his head. 

cerrone no movement

After he throws the kick he puts his right hand up to parry Masvidals left hook because he see’s it coming, he also see’s the right hand coming after it but doesn’t have time to parry it with his left hand because he’s using it as balance after he throws the body kick. He actually moves to his left as he plants his foot and it would have been a great opportunity (obviously) to bob his head and bring that hand to his chin.

Kind of like what Rampage does as he bobs and tucks his chin with his hands protecting his face.

Lets look at McGregor

Mcgregor is one of the best counter punches in the game and we may get a KO that looks similar to what he did to Aldo. Aldo moving forward with no head movement was perfect for McGregors style.

conor counter

Conors counter punches are truly devastating. Given that Cerrone is nowhere near the bottom level that Ivan was in the above gif, I think the style that Cerrone brings is simply perfect for Conors striking ability.

How can Cerrone win?

For Cerrone to win I think it’s obvious…

perry submit by cerrone

Cerrone’s ground game is actually super under rated and a great wrestler. He just doesn’t use it that often, probably because he just wants to entertain the fans.

And we all know about Conor Mctapper…

mcgregor tapping

I think it’s also worth mentioning Cerrone is coming up with two KO losses in tough, brutal fights to Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje. There’s no shame in these losses, they’re both losses to the elite of the division. He fought 4 times last year, 3 of them HARD fights. Two of them to the above fighters and also Al Iaquinta. He did win that fight convincingly but it was a tough 5 round fight. He’s also 36.

Look at McGregor, he’s coming in FRESH without a fight for over a year. I don’t think ring rust plays a factor at all for McGregor. He’s just not like that in my opinion as he is stone cold coming into fights. I don’t see this affecting him.

I love Cerrone. Truly. One of my favourites. Unfortunately I think McGregor takes this in either the first or second by a KO even though it’s at 170. If Cerrone wins it’ll be a submission. 

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