Why Dan Henderson should take the rematch

Why Dan Henderson

Why Dan Henderson should take the rematch.

If you watched the first fight between Dan Hendo and Michael Bisping you’ll be well aware of what a vicious KO looks like. This happened way back at UFC 100, July 11th 2009 to be exact. It was one of the greatest knockouts of all time and to some, it couldn’t have happened to a better person

Bisping has been a polarizing figure in the MMA community. He’s the type of guy you either love or hate. What also makes him special is that he somehow turns haters into lovers over a long period of time. I know many MMA hardcore fans who once hate him for years, who loved to hate on him, turn into big fans of his. For good reason, Bisping is a true warrior in every sense of the word and probably one of the hardest working. He’s been around for years, he’s one of the guys you wouldn’t expect to have the most wins in the UFC.

It’s only just recently that he’s really made some big waves. He’s just had a win over what some people argue the GOAT – Anderson Silva. He then knocked out the middle weight champ early in the first round, Luke Rockhold, to win the belt and become world champion.. on short notice no less. His first title defence is on home turf in England against the man who took some of his soul and gave him a KO that will be on highlight reels forever.

Now this fight was a bone being thrown to Hendo. He had no real argument for a title shot other then he had beaten the current champ with that devestating KO and he was coming of an impressive win over Lombard. Not that that’s title shot worthy either, Lombard is a weight division below Hendo. Anyway, we’re not here to argue over that. Fact of the matter is, Michael Bisping v Dan Henderson 2 was controversial.

Hendo in many eyes, including mine, won that fight. He should have won the belt and then retired as world champion just like he wanted. It was well noted that Hendo was going to retire after this fight, he said multiple times that he was done after this. How can he retire after this type of loss though? It must be super frustrating.

Question is, does he come back and challenge for the belt again?

He should take the rematch as he’s Bispings krptonite. He landed the same shot that knocked Bisping out OVER and OVER again. Given the chance that they fight again, and fight again soon, Hendo should be able land that shot again. Even if he loses, atleast he’d have another shot. If he doesn’t try and win that fight again, after the controversial loss it’ll eat away at him forever.

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