Dillashaw v Cejudo – The fight for Champ Champ

dillashaw v cejudo

Dillashaw v Cejudo – The fight for Champ Champ

Dillashaw v Cejudo is tomorrow night. They’ve weighed in today and Dillashaw was on the money! How good did he look? it was astonishing to hear so many people say he wouldn’t make weight or that he’d struggle. If you had seen him on the Joe Rogan podcast he had quite clearly stated that he would make the weight easily. He had been trying to get the Mighty Mouse fight as soon as he got the title at 35’s. This dude is chasing the #1 P4P spot. A proper competitor. When he says he can make the weight easily you best believe that he can make the weight.

He may have the best nutrionist in the game. He was a savage on the mits for the open workout he had. He had the most energy of all the fighters and went hard for atleast 20 minutes.

The fight itself is fascinating. I thought Mighty Mouse beat Cejudo fairly clearly and got robbed. So from my eyes Cejudo is a fake champ and does not deserve to be there. But since we’re talking about these two who are actually in the fight then that’s who we’ll talk about.

Cejudo doesn’t have the slickest stand up but we can grant him a great ground game considering he’s a gold medal olympian in wrestling. That in itself is an astonishing feat. But, that’s his biggest strength and he’s coming against a bigger, better, stronger, faster more well rounded fighter in T.J.

Cejudo has one way to win this fight imo. He needs to lay and pray on T.J. I can not see that happening.

T.J on the other hand has more ways to win. If it stays standing he’s going to light Cejudo up. he clearly has the power after KOing Cody twice in a row. He’s also a savage competitor who wants it more.

T.J will win this fight and make it look fairly easy. Likely a later round stoppage after putting on some big pressure. Cejudo will fold and the ref steps in to wave the fight off. T.J holds up two belts on the cage and makes history.

T.J is now the champ champ. Next fight he takes on Max Holloway to try and make history of the triple champ, the champ champ champ.

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