Gegard Mousasi v Uriah Hall – A Tale of unfinished business and the key to win


Gegard Mousasi v Uriah Hall
A Tale of unfinished business and the key to win

As much as I would like to see two high caliber ground gamers going at it like Gunnar Nelson and Dong Hyun Kim, it is actually going to be the rematch between two of the best strikers in Gegard and Uriah Hall that will be on display in Belfast, Nov 19th.

Just a few months after the upset night that ended in a flashy finish by Uriah, Gegard is now getting what he wanted, a chance to prove that he was ,indeed, superior to Uriah. That night Gegard, as also in this coming event, was heavily favored to win the match against the highest prospect coming out of TUF (the ultimate fighter), Uriah Hall.
“He will beat anybody in the division, including (Anderson Silva)” more or less the statement of the always entertaining Chael Sonnen. Uriah, as the owner of the scariest spinning back kick highlight during TUF, won again, by once again, jumping back kick.

To my surprise, Gegard was pretty much manhandling Hall on the ground for much of the first round. Showing a rare ground display by Gegard. It turn out to be a great ground game, he kept holding Hall in position while pounding him. Hall could not shake him off, and he was still the recipient of punches until the ball rang.
On the second round, Gegard was just start pressuring Hall even more when the kick connected. The jumping back kick was so quick and it was heading around the body of Gegard. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, if you are Gegard), Gegard was ducking under, either trying to start another session on the ground or to avoid what he thought would be a spinning back kick. Either way, it landed on his face. Gegard was stunned to say the least and Uriah wasted no time to finish Gegard, flying knees and all.

With that in mind, the second outing would be a chance for both to analyze and implement a better strategy. To me, all Gegard needs to do is keep doing what he was doing in the first meeting and practice going backward or just hands up as soon as you see hall spin around (easier said than done) but that seems to be the key to avoid a KO from Hall, because Hall is not a KO machine that he was supposed to be (my opinion based on his athleticism, body posture and striking experiences) . For Hall though, he’s got a lot of homework, but maybe TDD is what he needs to focus on, because Gegard seemed to not be too confident trading punches with Hall. And especially after the first knock down, Gegard might not like it too much standing up with Hall, unless his ego comes before himself and he just try’s to bang with Uriah, just to prove that he is superior to Hall. (Gegard seems to think this way by the way he was talking during interviews. Hall has a bigger chance of winning standing up than on the ground.

In any case, this would be a highly technical match up, featuring two of my favorite fighters in their prime. So it will be a treat.

Written by Andre Pasla – MMA share

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