GSP – The king is back but where does he go from here? McGregor?



GSP vs Bisping was an INCREDIBLE fight that really showed that GSP is still a king. I myself couldn’t give GSP a chance and believe me I wanted too. I tried to figure out ANY way that GSP could win. I played it out like this before the fight. I didn’t think GSP could out strike Bisping, no way. I firmly believed that Bisping would pick GSP apart without any real trouble and come the 3-4th round Bisping would have wore down GSP as he sat behind his jab. Boy was I wrong and I underestimated GSP’s new found striking ability.

Maybe it had been the 4 years that GSP was away that I had forgotten how good his timing was. He said that he would not have come back unless he was better and he wasn’t lying. He had improved and his striking had gotten better with his new boxing coach Freddie Roach.

GSP’s jab was on point even throwing in superman jabs which landed on Bispings face at will. It’s like Bisping had no answer for it or was just underestimating his ability. I think everyone was a little surprised that Bisping wasn’t able to land more shots, his speciality is kick-boxing yet he had a hard time with GSP who’s biggest strength is his wrestling.

What was even more surprising was that Bisping had most of his success on the bottom where he landed lots of hard elbows which ended up cutting GSP. The finish from GSP was amazing and Bisping went out on his shield, unconscious. This ended an incredible night of fights and was one of the best cards ever from top to bottom.

Now where does GSP go from here? He’s got Robert Whittaker next, but is that the route he takes? He said that in his contract that he had to defend the 185lb belt if he won. Although there’s a rumour coming from Brendan Schaub that says he’s actually looking to take out Woodley then have a super fight with Conor McGregor.



That picture there starts to shape that fight up nicely but what does GSP do from here? It makes 100% sense for GSP to drop to 170 and take out Woodley becoming the 170 champ again. Then to fight McGregor for the big money fight. Can’t wait to see what the future holds and if it was my choice it would be GSP v Woodley and then McGregor.

But I’d also love to see Robert Whittaker take out GSP, that’s the most dangerous fight for GSP! Whittaker knocks him out!

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