Iaquinta v Khabib – The Craziest Lead Up To A Fight

Iaquinta v Khabib


In what has to be the craziest build up to a fight in UFC history, this has turned out to be a pretty exciting fight. From Khabib first fighting Tony Ferguson for the fourth time and this fight getting cancelled for the fourth time, which is unbelievable in itself. These guys just get get this fight together, it would be interesting to know the facts to see how many other times fights have been cancelled with the same two opponents. This is surely a record. Not only that but this close to a fight. Both have now pulled out just days before they were due to square off.

Then we had Max Holloway step up like a gangster on 6 days notice to fight for the title. Without any hesitation Max accepts the fight against one of the most feared fighters in the 155lb division. On 6 days notice, a weight class above where he’s the champ. This was some truly gangster shit. Unfortunately the doctors called off the fight and stated that Max was not medically fit to fight. This sucked because from Holloway’s camp he was weighing 159 at the time and the cut was actually going really well.

Never the less, with roughly 24hours left for Khabib to get an opponent, Al Iaquinta has stepped up to take on Khabib in the main event for the title. The title is not official for Al, though. Only Khabib can win the title officially, but Dana has stated that Iaquinta will be sorted out and treated as the champ if he were to win. So essentially this is a title fight. Talk about a crazy run of events for Iaquinta, who has had some trouble in the UFC in previous years where he has not fought and been pulled from cards. He was just suppose to fight Felder. Felder was next line for Khabib actually, but the comission wouldn’t allow it because he wasn’t ranked in the top 10. Then there was Al Iaquinta! Actually, before Felder or Iaquinta Pettis was taking the fight, he refused the money offer that the UFC offered him, so that fell through.

At the start of the week you would have NEVER guessed that Al Iaquinta would be essentially fighting Khabib in the main event for the 155lb title.

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