Jack Wighton is the worst fullback in the NRL

jack wighton worst fullback

Jack Wighton is easily the worst fullback in the game.

Sorry not sorry for that photo Jack. But I feel it’s what best resembles your football career so far. How you hold a spot in the Raiders team with young Nick Cotric breathing down your neck is a real life miracle. Nick Cotric has already made 28 tackle breaks compared to Jack Wightons 14.. and Cotric plays on the wing! You could argue the reasons why but who cares, the point is that Wighton’s shit.

Guess who made the most errors for the whole 2016 season? You guessed it, it’s Jack ‘shit cunt’ Wighton! He made a whopping 41 errors for the season and is at top of the leader-board. Second goes to Tom Tjrob.. or however you spell his name who made 33, it was his ROOKIE season for Tom so he’s got half an excuse.

The worst part of Jack Wightons error making ways is that they are under crutch moments. Remember when Wighton lost the golden point game to the Dragons because he threw a stupid pass 10m out from his own line on a kick return, only for the pass to be intercepted by Euan Aitken. He single handedly lost the Raiders the game because he’s a full blown spud.

To quote Andrew Johns during commentary, Andrew Johns said Wighton “usually has one big error in him” and he couldn’t be any more right. For a bloke from NSW he was somehow able to say one of the wisest things ever said. The worst part about this stupid pass to lose the game in golden point, it was in front of his home crowd. Yep,  it happened in Canberra.

“Just have a look at the bloke.. He’s got a head like a constipated raccoon.”

jack wighton worst fullback



So lets take a look at it and why he’s so shit with stats to back it:

    • Made the most errors of any player in the league in 2016 – on track for 2017.
    • Loses games in golden point due to low IQ and skills.
    • Least amount of line breaks for a fullback
    • Plenty of missed tackles

When you look at the stats and the games he’s lost for the Raiders he’s a liability there and not an asset. Give Cotric a chance or any other player really and send Wighton over to England where he’d be lucky to warm the bench.

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