Jones v Cormier Rematch Delivered – UFC LHW Division Weak

jones v cormier rematch
Jones v Cormier rematch delivered!

Not all rematches are made equal. Remember when Frankie Edgar had about one million rematches in a row? Do you remember how excited you were to see them? Exactly. Not all rematches are made the same. In the long history of rematches this one was easily the most anticipated and it lived up to it’s hype. This rematch had legitimate bad blood.

It’s not that often you look at two fighters and can see that have some serious anonimosity towards each other. Most of the time you can see through what fighters would say “bad blood” as 90% of the time it’s just to hype the fight up. It’s the easiest way to get fans interested in a fight. It builds the drama. It make’s it much more interesting. I love trash talking between opponents. If two guys are going into the cage and they aren’t just there to compete but their to fight because they want to bash each others heads in then my interest peaks.

This was one of those fights. It was a no bullshit dislike for each other. They both had a long history with each other. It was over 3 years in the making. They first fought back in 2014 when Daniel Cormier dropped down from heavyweight to compete at light heavyweight. Jones was the king of the division and had literally walked through the division and back then it was stacked. Cormier was a legit threat and many people thought he would be the man to dethrone Jones.

It was a great fight their first fight. Was fairly competitive up until the start of the fourth round. And then Jones took over, he took over the fight and cruised to a fairly comfortable win.

Time out built hype

Jones went on to further fuck up his fighting career. With a whole bunch of shit going down for him and what turned out to be a crazy run of events, the night the first rematch was slated Jones was pulled from the fight from a failed drug test. He tested positive for some sort of steroid, his side of the story was that it was from a sexual enhancing pill he purchased at a service station. What ever happened, what ever he took, whether he was guilty or not, the fight was cancelled.

Fast forward to 2017, Jones had been suspended for two years from that positive test and now he’s back to fight Cormier again for the title.

Without a warm up fight he was straight back into the swing of things.

jones v cormier rematch

Cormier had improved – Jones was still the KING

The build up for this fight was incredible. The card they headlined was incredible. UFC 214 was an amazing card. Except for Woodley vs Maia the whole card lived up to its hype.

Cormier looked like he had improved from their pervious fight. His head movement was good, he was light on his feet, his hands looked sharp and his defence was great. Jones got caught with some good shots from Cormier. If anything Jones looked like he had lost a little of his timing. He looked better in the second round. To give him credit it had been two years since he last fought.

The head kick that ended the fight was perfectly timed. What’s crazy is that Cormier had actually predicted the way he would lose the fight back in 2014 during a press conference.


He KNEW what he was lacking back then. He KNEW that Jones knew. Three years later he must have forgot about this. Jones had spent the last two years studying Cormier and didn’t forget about it.

The finish from Jones isn’t something you see often. That was his first TKO in his UFC career? He won’t have too many. It was good to see him smell blood and go for the kill.

What Happens Now?

The LHW Division is getting a little shallow now. Jimi Manuwa just got ko’d, Rumble Johnson has retired, Gustaffson is arguably on top of the food chain after his dominant win over Glover. Volkan Oezdamir is an interesting prospect after ko’ing Manuwa in under 30 seconds, and dominating all his previous opponents by KO in the first round. That dude has DYNAMITE in his hands. If he got the title shot I don’t think anyone would complain. Volkan v Gustaffson for the no.1 contender shot isn’t a bad idea either. Check the UFC LHW Rankings, it’s a weak division right now.

Other then that the LHW division has no one else. Not unless Jones moves to heavyweight. Brock Lesnar is still atleast 6 months away from fighting after testing positive. Does he wait? Guess we’ll see.


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