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Using Ladbrokes sportsbook for your racing and sports betting online

From among the various choices of sports and game betting platforms, Ladbrokes is an excellent and wise choice for all bet makers. As the responsible gaming leader in the sports betting online platforms, it has been a preferable choice of sports book to place profitable bets on the different types of sports games and racing events. This has more than 125 years of experience in the Australian sports betting in order to give excellent betting opportunities to the players along with the extensive bonus offers.

Choosing Ladbrokes betting platform: is actually the leading and widely used Australia’s highly innovative book maker offering the wide variety of racing and sports wagering opportunities to all the players. This gambling platform actually promise the players for the higher value, depth of betting markets, product innovation and also extraordinary user experience on the internet.

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It is highly dedicated platform for placing bets using your various mobile devices. When you have Android or iOS powered smart phones or tablets, you just download and install the highly dedicated betting app given by this Ladbrokes platform.

This book maker is usually managed from the Australia with the several offices in Melbourne, Sydney and also Brisbane. There are a team of local racing and sports betting enthusiasts and experts existing in this platform in order to help each and every beginner bet makers to earn extensive amounts of real money through online betting. The dedicated website and sports betting app given by this Ladbrokes have been actually developed for only the Australian players who need highly sophisticated and convenient game play opportunities on the world class wagering markets.

Different types of betting:

When considering the betting types available at the Ladbrokes Australian based sports and racing betting platform, it provides

  • Best of the Best (BOB) – It is basically the maximum odds which paid of the 3 major Australian totes or Topfluc. This type of best of the best betting is available on the certain meetings. It will be give up to 35 minutes before starting the race with the 250 dollars maximum amount for each bet. But it is used only on the selected gaming events.
  • MidTote – This is a second higher payout tote or wagering method from the same 3 major Australian totes. Whenever there are only 2 totes operated on the meeting at this Ladbrokes platform, it will give only the lower tote but just for the selected gaming events.
  • Fixed price – Here in this fixed price betting type, the bet makers are receiving the odds basically at the time of your bet placement on the certain game or event.
  • NormTote – This NormTote betting type can propose the tote price but usually used on the particular gaming events.
  • MidTote + 5 % – As the middle tote is the second maximum payout tote from the 3 major Australian totes, this specific betting type will give more 5 % bonus additional to the normal bonus given by the middle tote betting on Ladbrokes.

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