Damian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal – Vegas F%$ked up the odds!

Damian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal - Vegas F%$ked up the odds!

Damian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal is looking to be one of the most exciting fights for UFC 211. It’s your grappler vs striker matchup with two guys at the top of the division. A win here will most likely result in a title shot. Maia already had the title shot but he opted for another fight since the wait became too much for him. Now he’s up against deadly striker Masvidal who made Cerrone look like an amateur. That’s saying something, Cerrone was on an absolute tear and Masvidal made it look easy.

A key to this match up is the size difference. Remember, Maia is a former 185lb title challenger against Anderson Silva.
Since Maia has moved to the 170lb divison he’s won 9 of his past 11 fights and currently on a 6 fight win streak. In his last 3 fights he’s DOMINATED Gunnar Nelson at his own grappling game who’s a notable up and comer and potential title contender. He subbed Matt Brown who’s one of the toughest guys in the 170lb division. The most impressive win in arguably his career was his last fight against Carlos Condit, who was one of the best in the divison by far, it took Maia less than 2 minutes to submit him and he barely took ONE punch!

Maia’s win over Condit was enough to warrant him a title shot, it was too bad for him that Woodley v Thompson ended in a rematch which held him back for some time, who know’s, he could be the champion right now? Any who, he’s up against a fierce Jorge Masvidal.

For those who don’t know Masvidal is a legend in the sport. Not because he’s defended a belt 10 times or because he’s got the best trash talk. He’s a legend because he was fighting on the same YouTube clips that Kimbo was.

The long time hardcores have been following this guys for over 10 years. He fought Joe “The Bonus King” Lauzon in his 7th fight (and won by TKO).

What’s interesting is that both Maia and Masvidals best career wins were in their previous fights. Both are at the top of their career right now.

But who will win? You just can’t look past Maia. He’s hard to hit, has a chin and if he gets you to the ground he’s either winning the round, pulling an arm off, putting you to sleep or your tapping.

Masvidal is a great fighter but lets look at who’s beat him;

  • Lorenz Larkin (cut from UFC)
  • Benson Henderson (Went to Bellator)
  • Al Iaquinta
  • Rustam Khabilov
  • Gilbert Melendez
  • Paul Daley

That’s not all of them but the one’s of interest. If we look at who he’s beat, Cerrone might be the only top 5-10 guy he’s ever beat. Let’s not mistaken Masvidal to be a world beater.

When it comes to styles Maia has it to beat him. He’ll pressure him against the cage, use his size advantage, get the take down and work from there. Maia being bigger will give Masvidal a harder time getting to his feet aswell.

Masvidal isn’t known for his takedown defense. Masvidal is going to have to show some massive improvements in his TDD or pull out a KO which he is very capable of to win this fight.

Otherwise Maia is winning by submission or by UD. Maia is also the UNDERDOG!! Which makes this bet really make sense. This at the end of the day is a value bet, Vegas have fucked up!

Damian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal - Vegas F%$ked up the odds!
We’ve put $500 on it at Bet365. You can get an account here.

Good Luck!

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