Max Holloway – Concussion Symptoms Lead to Withdrawal From Title Fight

holloway out


Max Holloway is the most dominant fighter in the UFC featherweight division right now, and he’s the most dominant featherweight of all time. He currently sits on a 12 fight win streak, just four fights behind Anderson Silva’s record at 16. What has so far turned into a super unfortunate event is him pulling out of his title fight against Ortega. They are scheduled to fight in roughly 4 days and this is a super bummer to the card. International fight week, four years in a row has had a major blow out to a card with title fights getting scrapped.

There has not been a replacement yet for Ortega who has been on a tear himself recently. He’s just won “Break out fighter of the year” from the MMA awards which is well deserved. Some people underrated him even after he beat Cub Swanson, but his dominant victory over Frankie Edgar sealed the deal for his spot in the top of the featherweight division. That KO over Frankie was brutal with a nice lead elbow which started the end of Frankie, with the final finish coming from a brutal uppercut which literally catapulted Frankie off of his feet and onto the ground. It’s one of the gnarliest uppercuts you’ll ever see.

ortega uppercut

As you can see above, Frankie quite literally left planet earth.

Not to take the shine away from Max, but this would have been one helluva fight. Personally I would have been betting on Max to beat Ortega, Ortega is great and if he had beaten Max I wouldn’t have been surprised at all. But Max is in a league of his own and he’s nearly wiped out the entire division. He’s beaten the best of the best at 145 and is quickly running out of opponents to face. After Ortega he almost has no one left except rematches.

Wishing Max the all the best with his recovery and hope to see him in the cage ASAP!

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