Mayweather v McGregor – Did the result surprise you?

Mayweather v McGregor

Was anyone really surprised by what happened in the fight? It’s crazy just how many people thought Conor would actually win. Not just ‘think’ that he would win, but firmly believed he was going to knock out Mayweather. In the betting zone 90% of the money bet was on McGregor. How crazy is that? 90% of people were so sure that McGregor would that they actually placed money on him.

This also showed that 90% of people don’t know shit about fighting and are easily swayed with words. McGregor is the master at talking the talk, he would have made a great lawyer. He could have got ANYONE off ANY charge! You can only give him credit. He’s talked his way into the biggest fight in the history of combat sports in 4 years, on his professional boxing DEBUT.

What an incredible accomplishment. Whether he can fight or not is besides the point. He can fight however. He’s just not a boxer. Obviously in a real street fight Conor would kill him. Floyd on the other had is the better boxer which is what everyone failed to see. Well not everyone, but 90%!

This is a sport Floyd has been doing his whole life, no matter who it is, a guy making his debut would never beat the greatest ever. Even if he is 40 years of age and way out of his prime.

Where does Conor go from here? He says he wants Khabib in Russia, if he gets that he’ll IMO lost that fight as well. He needs to be careful where he goes from here, the obvious money fight would be Paulie Malignaggi. That’s another dangerous fight for him. His best fight would be to go challenge the 145 belt again against Max Holloway while Ferguson and Kevin figure itself out. Or just go straight to Russia and fight the bear.


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