Poirier v Holloway and Adesanya v Gastelum – the Greatest mainevents ever?

Were these the greatest fights to ever happen in consecutive main and co main event spots on a single fight card?

What an amazing showing from all four of these great athletes and warriors. Hell even Eryk Anders showed up again and proved he’s made of metal. I’d say most people in the crowds wouldn’t have had a voice the next day they were screaming so hard.

Israel is definetely the real deal and it was good to see him tested that way before a title fight. It’s going to be very hard to doubt him in the future now that we absolutely KNOW he’s a savage inside the ring and has a heart of a lion.

That’s not a question anymore. Gastelum was never in question. That dude is a mexican warrior. All Mexicans are known for their toughness so he kind of already had the benefit of the doubt.

Does Israel beat Whittaker for the belt? Well, we can’t question either of their hearts in this game. It’s going to be one hell of a battle. It’s a hard one for me to pick a side because they’re both so close to home. Whittaker being a fellow Aussie I have to root for him but I also love Israel so damn much. I watched him live fighting in Melbourne against Anderson Silva, who in my opinion is the greatest fighter to ever live. But Whittaker is my countrymen, how do you bet against him?

Holloway and Poirier was also a amazing fight. How crazy was it to watch both these wars back to back? Damn!

What does Holloway to from here? He’s also one of my favourite fighters of all time and I wrote an article about him here predicting he would be a UFC champion. Since he’s still the 145lb champ he will still have alot of options moving forward. Still more guys for him to fight.

Will Poirier beat Khabib for the belt? I don’t see it happening but I’ve doubted him a few times and he’s always lived up and proved me wrong!

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