Why free bonus bets?

free bets

Free bets and how to effectively bet online for free bonuses

There are so many reasons why most of the people prefer placing free bets on the casino betting sites and other live sport betting sites on the internet. But the most common reason to place bets online is to earn a lot of bonuses in their hand. For the convenience of the players, there are a lot of online platforms allowing their visitors to place free bets on their favorite games.

Some of the betting platforms will provide free bonuses as the real money or online cash for the safety of the bet makers. If the individuals are not much familiar about how place bets for bonuses, you first have to read the given instructions and try the trial account to bet wit. Once you have trained yourself for placing profitable bets, you can move on to the live casino or sports betting to earn a lot of bonuses.

Why free bets for bonuses?

Bonuses are actually the best way to include to your bankroll and some of the reliable free betting websites are really liberal specifically to the new customers. When the new users are signing up at the particular gambling platform for the first time, you will really be treated well with all necessary helps to easily play games and earn more bonuses. There are a plenty of sports betting and casino betting websites available which have been significantly increased in the popularity because of the rising bettors.

This is why all of such betting platforms strive to attract more numbers of new players and always keep them happy by offering huge amounts of real bonuses. The free bets and bonuses which are given away are generally just the incentives to get gamblers to place their bets with them. With the help of the welcome bonus in your account, you can place your wagers on any game. But you will get in return more than that in the further bonuses.

Types of bonuses:

  • At the casino and sports betting websites, there are various types of bonuses given to the gamblers.
  • The most common type of betting bonus offered is the sign up bonus. When the new players have joined a particular betting platform, you will immediately get this sign up bonus on your account.
  • Typically, the sign up bonus is the fixed percentage of the player’s first deposit amount up to the maximum amount.
  • This signup bonus will be added to the sport betting account of the players once you have made an initial deposit.
  • Some other betting sites also provide you many free bets of the specific value instead of the bonuses after making the first deposit.
  • Reload bonus is also very common type of bonus given by the several numbers of websites. It is basically similar to the sign up bonus but it could be claimed by the existing players instead of the new players.
  • Some of the free betting online platforms offer reloads bonuses on the first deposit of the players every month.

FREE BETS and what bonus bets are all about


Enjoy free bets and sports betting bonuses in gambling

When it comes to gambling, free bets are a great form of marketing that provides sing-up bonuses for the new players in order to make their initial deposit. Today, the internet sites are offering a wide range of bonus bets in gambling that are available to choose again and again. With these new bonuses, the online casino games are giving away money in return for your agreeing to wager a specified minimum amount. Before you can collect it, you need to wager some multiple forms of initial deposit or the bonus credited to your account. These gambling sites can allow the players to satisfy their bonus wagering requirements that help to find how you are able to walk away with any of your bonus money.

Most of the gambling companies provide a free bets to the new players on their site. Now the internet is also filled with a lot of bookies that with various betting bonuses and offers. Whenever you can use the free bonuses, you should compare the free bets, sports betting bonuses and also other betting offers and then pick the one that matches you. The major focus of these sports betting bonuses are keeping the players up-to-date with new promotions. This kind of promotion is usually concerned with the special events or sports such as champion’s league, FIFA world cup, summer Olympics and so on. Some of the bookies also provide the best promotions for live betting and live odds as well.

Look for the best sports betting promotion

To enjoy the sports betting promotion, the weekend is a right time to get a lot of benefits. Every weekend, the gambling sites are providing more bonuses, promotions and special offers, especially for the players. For the newcomers, the sign-up welcome bonuses available that are also known as the new player bonus. Usually, the bonus amount is decided on the basis of amount deposited by the players. Even most of the bonuses offered by online casinos are meant to publicize your gambling destination that provided in the form of free play casinos.

When it comes to sportsbook bonuses, there are several different types of bonuses available and the most common one is a free bet. Whenever you can use the free bonus, you can make sure to go through the terms and conditions of every sportsbook bonus and then choose the best one according to your best needs. There are two important criteria should be considered in your mind such as the wagering requirements and what minimum odds you need to wager in order to meet your requirements. You should also check the validity period of the bonus and then use it.

Find the best bonus bets

Many of the sports betting sites offer the bonus bets in gambling for ranking their websites. Some of the sites can give you free bets of a specific value instead of providing bonus. When you make the first deposit, you will get double the bonus right away, but you can make sure to find the best one without any losses.

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Gegard Mousasi v Uriah Hall – A Tale of unfinished business and the key to win


Gegard Mousasi v Uriah Hall
A Tale of unfinished business and the key to win

As much as I would like to see two high caliber ground gamers going at it like Gunnar Nelson and Dong Hyun Kim, it is actually going to be the rematch between two of the best strikers in Gegard and Uriah Hall that will be on display in Belfast, Nov 19th.

Just a few months after the upset night that ended in a flashy finish by Uriah, Gegard is now getting what he wanted, a chance to prove that he was ,indeed, superior to Uriah. That night Gegard, as also in this coming event, was heavily favored to win the match against the highest prospect coming out of TUF (the ultimate fighter), Uriah Hall.
“He will beat anybody in the division, including (Anderson Silva)” more or less the statement of the always entertaining Chael Sonnen. Uriah, as the owner of the scariest spinning back kick highlight during TUF, won again, by once again, jumping back kick.

To my surprise, Gegard was pretty much manhandling Hall on the ground for much of the first round. Showing a rare ground display by Gegard. It turn out to be a great ground game, he kept holding Hall in position while pounding him. Hall could not shake him off, and he was still the recipient of punches until the ball rang.
On the second round, Gegard was just start pressuring Hall even more when the kick connected. The jumping back kick was so quick and it was heading around the body of Gegard. Fortunately, (or unfortunately, if you are Gegard), Gegard was ducking under, either trying to start another session on the ground or to avoid what he thought would be a spinning back kick. Either way, it landed on his face. Gegard was stunned to say the least and Uriah wasted no time to finish Gegard, flying knees and all.

With that in mind, the second outing would be a chance for both to analyze and implement a better strategy. To me, all Gegard needs to do is keep doing what he was doing in the first meeting and practice going backward or just hands up as soon as you see hall spin around (easier said than done) but that seems to be the key to avoid a KO from Hall, because Hall is not a KO machine that he was supposed to be (my opinion based on his athleticism, body posture and striking experiences) . For Hall though, he’s got a lot of homework, but maybe TDD is what he needs to focus on, because Gegard seemed to not be too confident trading punches with Hall. And especially after the first knock down, Gegard might not like it too much standing up with Hall, unless his ego comes before himself and he just try’s to bang with Uriah, just to prove that he is superior to Hall. (Gegard seems to think this way by the way he was talking during interviews. Hall has a bigger chance of winning standing up than on the ground.

In any case, this would be a highly technical match up, featuring two of my favorite fighters in their prime. So it will be a treat.

Written by Andre Pasla – MMA share

Max Holloway: The most overlooked badass in MMA





max holloway

If before this fight Holloway had been somehow been under your radar I guarantee you he’s not anymore.

Holloway had a quiet start to his fighting career in terms of popularity – which is reminiscent to his personality.  He’s not outspoken, he doesn’t trash talk his opponents. You could almost compare him to Dan Henderson in the way he conducts himself with his opponents. He’s cordial and respectful. He’s not there to talk shit, he’s there to fight. He would probably let you know if your show lace was untied the day before he was going to try and punch your lights out. He’s a different beast when he’s in that cage though.

Max started his MMA career at 4-0 before the UFC picked him up in 2012, just 4 years ago at the age of 21. In that time he’s fought a staggering 14 times. Now that’s a guy who loves to fight! He made his debut against Dustin Poirier in just his fifth career fight! Talk about having a tough first match up. This would be Poiriers 13th fight inside the cage. Poirier had come from the WEC and this would be his fourth fight inside the UFC against Holloway.

Some might say Max was getting fed to a wolf in terms of their standings and you’re probably right. For Max to fight Poirier on his fifth ever fight, on his DEBUT UFC fight at the age of 21 is nothing less than bad ass. Poirier got him with a mounted Triangle and won, but was Poirier the real winner? Some might say Max. That type of fight against that level of competition so early in your career is massive experience and can only do great things for your future.

Max went on to fight a few more times before facing Conor Mcgregor. Mcgregor was a huge favorite and rightfully so. He had experience on Max and was a former two division champ at Cage Rage. Max brought it like he always does. It was a close fight, Conor won, but it was close. At the time it was no big deal. The dust settled and the two fighters went their own ways. Looking back at that fight now it’s a completely different story.   Conor went on to KO his next 5 opponents, including the featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo for the featherweight championship in 13 seconds. Conor’s next fight was against Nate Diaz who beat the shit out of him and finished him. The rematch happened between Diaz and Mcgregor and that went to a tough gruelling 5 round decision which Mcgregor just etched out although many people scored the fight for Diaz.

Now looking back on what happened, Diaz – the bigger man, was the only other fighter to take Mcgregor to a decision just like Holloway did. No one knew how special Mcgregor would be at that time, which in turn meant no one meant how special it would be for Holloway to be the only other man to take Mcgregor to a decision. He’s also a true featherweight, not a big lightweight like Diaz. He doesn’t have a size or durability advantage, he relies on his skill set.

Speed up to now since Holloway v Mcgregor happened. Holloway fought 9 more times, 8 of those fights happened in the span of 2 years! He’s the Cerrone of the featherweight division! 6/9 fights he’s finished. All of those fights were against top guys. Jeremy Stephens, Ricardo Lamas, Charles Olivieria, Cub Swanson, Cole Miller and Andre Fili to name a few of them. He’s almost wiped out the division apart from a few top guys like Aldo and Edgar. You could say since Mcgregor and Holloway have fought, Holloway has fought higher competition and he’s got more finishes and hasn’t LOST.

At the writing of this Holloway is 24 years old. This guy has got future champion written all over him.

His latest fight against Lamas propelled him immensely but I still think he’s heavly unnoticed. The hardcores know who he is, they’ve had their eye on him BEFORE he even fought Mcgregor. But that Lamas fight, damn! He was in control of the whole fight and could have easily breezed to a comfortable decision, what does Holloway do? He eye balls Lamas and points to the ground to throw down the ‘fuck it lets bang’ challenge. They start swinging for the fences for the final 10 seconds of the fight! Now that’s a dude who just loves to throw down.

Max Holloway. If he isn’t on your radar yet he should be. Future legend of the sport. Future champion. Legitimate bad ass.

Why Dan Henderson should take the rematch

Why Dan Henderson

Why Dan Henderson should take the rematch.

If you watched the first fight between Dan Hendo and Michael Bisping you’ll be well aware of what a vicious KO looks like. This happened way back at UFC 100, July 11th 2009 to be exact. It was one of the greatest knockouts of all time and to some, it couldn’t have happened to a better person

Bisping has been a polarizing figure in the MMA community. He’s the type of guy you either love or hate. What also makes him special is that he somehow turns haters into lovers over a long period of time. I know many MMA hardcore fans who once hate him for years, who loved to hate on him, turn into big fans of his. For good reason, Bisping is a true warrior in every sense of the word and probably one of the hardest working. He’s been around for years, he’s one of the guys you wouldn’t expect to have the most wins in the UFC.

It’s only just recently that he’s really made some big waves. He’s just had a win over what some people argue the GOAT – Anderson Silva. He then knocked out the middle weight champ early in the first round, Luke Rockhold, to win the belt and become world champion.. on short notice no less. His first title defence is on home turf in England against the man who took some of his soul and gave him a KO that will be on highlight reels forever.

Now this fight was a bone being thrown to Hendo. He had no real argument for a title shot other then he had beaten the current champ with that devestating KO and he was coming of an impressive win over Lombard. Not that that’s title shot worthy either, Lombard is a weight division below Hendo. Anyway, we’re not here to argue over that. Fact of the matter is, Michael Bisping v Dan Henderson 2 was controversial.

Hendo in many eyes, including mine, won that fight. He should have won the belt and then retired as world champion just like he wanted. It was well noted that Hendo was going to retire after this fight, he said multiple times that he was done after this. How can he retire after this type of loss though? It must be super frustrating.

Question is, does he come back and challenge for the belt again?

He should take the rematch as he’s Bispings krptonite. He landed the same shot that knocked Bisping out OVER and OVER again. Given the chance that they fight again, and fight again soon, Hendo should be able land that shot again. Even if he loses, atleast he’d have another shot. If he doesn’t try and win that fight again, after the controversial loss it’ll eat away at him forever.

Damian Maia vs Jorge Masvidal – Vegas F%$ked up the odds!