Sage Northcutt, Man or Man Made?

sage northcutt

Sage Northcutt – is he on PEDS? Is he going to be a champion?

He’s moving up a weight class this weekend and fighting the “punk killer” Mickey Gall. As much as Sage is talented, skilled and a freak athlete, this is a TOUGH fight for him.

Gall’s only had a couple of fights but it’s obvious he’s a talented legit fighter and he’s BIG for 170. Sage is a natural 55 pounder. Sage is going to be fighting a bigger, stronger man.

I was watching sage in the build up and I then started to study his interviews and fighters more closely. I can’t help but think he was bred to be a fighter. Look at his history, he’s done everything in the karate world. Literally everything. There’s nothing left for him to accomplish. He’s been training to be a fighter since the day he was born. He’s wanted to fight in the UFC since he was 7. This kid has known what he’s wanted to do from a very young age which is extremely rare.

He’s had a optimum diet his entire life and he’s been training and keeping fit his whole life. When I say his whole life I literally mean since he was 5 but don’t be surprised if you find out his first meal out of the womb was a protein shake with some fish oil. When you look at his physique you can’t help but be skeptical, but is it possible he’s natural?

I’d say there’s a good possibility. Maybe he’s the product of a human who’s been eating the best foods, nutrients and minerals his whole life on top of training his body physically and staying in peak shape. Is sages physique what you get when you eat well and look after your body from the get go?

Was he designed in a laboratory as part of a super soldier program?

Has anyone else ever done this? I don’t think so. It’s like his parents knew exactly how to nurture him from the time he was born to fight.

Also what else struck me about Sage when I was studying him was his persona to the camera. He’s become sooooo fucking good at it. He’s absolutely mastered the art of being extremely likeable on camera and saying all the right things with a smile. It’s not surprising and if you think about it it’s actually to be expected from someone who’s been in the limelight for 15 years. He’s only 20 years old.

IMO Sage will no doubt be a champion with the potential to have a Jon jones like reign, except with the potential to be so much better. He’s got his head switched on, he’s also studying at university while fighting in the UFC.

Is there anything this dude can’t do? Did I mention he’s also handsome as fuck?

Another equally plausible explanation is that he was the first baby ever engineered with all the attributes you could want. I want to believe that he’s got a small dick just because he’s got everything else but you might aswell just throw a 10 inch dong on him.

Has anyone else had a good close look at this kid? Thoughts?

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