The Aftermath – Cejudo v Dillashaw

the aftermath

The aftermath of Dillashaw v Cejudo took me by surprise and I think it took alot of other people by surprise as well. Almost everyone I saw counted Cejudo out, including me. The reasons I thought TJ would win can be seen here. But to re-hash – TJ was going to be the bigger man, he had fought and beaten better competition and Cejudo’s previous fight he had IMO lost to DJ. DJ had been robbed and Cejudo was lucky to win and become the champ.

This is NOT how the fight turned out. The only advantage I saw from Cejudo was the obvious one, that was he’s an olympic gold medalist.

Who the fuck expected this fight to only go for 32 seconds?

What’s interesting is that TJ had been cracked way harder in previous fights, such as when he fought Cody and was dropped after taking a clean hard shot right on the jaw. He did not take a hard shot like that from Cejudo yet it seemed to have that type of an effect on his consciousness.

From everyone in TJ’s camp and form himself, the weight cut WAS NOT an issue. He said he had actually GAINED strength and was hitting personal records on lifting. Which is incredible considering he was moving down 10 pounds.

Was the fight stopped early? I don’t think so. The ref jumped in at the right time, from where I see it TJ would have just taken more damage which would have been unnecessary. Think about it if it went this way: The ref does not step in and TJ takes another 10 shots until he’s completely out of consciousness. We’d all be sitting around talking about how bad the stoppage was and what a dick the referee is.

The only person who can take the blame is TJ. Don’t want the ref to step in? Don’t take 10 shots to the dome without landing one yourself. Don’t get wobbled on your feet and continue to take shots without defending yourself.

Whether it was or was not a bad stoppage is simply putting the blame on someone else for getting wobbled early and taking hard shots 30 seconds into a fight.

Would love to see them rematch as TJ is WAY better then what he showed that night. A rematch at 125 would be ideal for TJ but I don’t see that happening, why would Cejudo risk that? He’s the A team now and you’d expect him to now chase the 135lb title to be champ champ. If he loses at 135 then we get a trilogy and it makes sense that we see that at 125 given TJ would be the A team. He has to win that fight first tho.

Cerrone v Hernandez really was no surprise and I had said it was almost identical to when he fought Myles Jury. It was too much too soon for Hernandez and unfortunately for him he had to trash talk the whole way through. Would have been an humbling experience for him and look forward to seeing how he returns. A fight like that may have changed him. Look at Myles Jury, he’s never been the same since Cerrone smashed him.

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