Till v Cerrone – The Gate Keeper Up Against The Young Hungry Lion


Till v Cerrone is shaping up to be a great fight. We really have a new undefeated hungry lion up against the seasoned elite veteran. There was a time where Cerrone once fought Myles Jury, at that time it was obvious before they fought that Cerrone would be too much to soon for Jury. It must also be noted that Jury came out on that series of embedded playing with a sword in a psychologists room trying to get his head right.. That was a worry in itself.

Jury clearly isn’t there mentally to fight at the elite of fighting. Cerrone has publicly stated that he struggles mentally as well, the difference is that Cerrone is able to push himself through that un-comfortability. It’s something that he does on the regular with the crazy hobbies he has. Skydiving, motorbike riding, horse riding, wake boarding, base jumping etc. etc.

That type of lifestyle gives Cerrone an edge with his mentality as he’s learnt to push through the hard stuff.. and considering the amount of fights he’s had it’s something he’s gotten use to.

It’s different for Jury and it’s probably a reason we’ve barely heard of him since. He got embarrassed in that fight by the ‘fuck you kicks’.

Now to bring it back full circle to Till, you could compare the two fights. Jury was an up and comer at the time and this was his shot at the elite of the division to really crack into mainstream. Exact same position that Till is in. Both were relatively unknown. Cerrone is the man when it comes to up and comers getting their shot, he really is willing to fight anyone no matter who it is. Both these fights prove that.

What’s different about Till is that he’s the exact opposite of Jury mentally. He is already claiming to be the best fighter in the whole of MMA. He’s got massive goals of becoming the best fighter that’s ever lived, he wants to raise the bar in the whole game. His mental state is very similiar to McGregor’s given they both have immovable confidence. Confidence being the keyword.

Cerrone has absolutely nothing to gain from this fight, literally nothing. If he wins it means nothing and if he loses he loses to someone with no name and barely any ranking. It may be devestating to Cerrone’s career. Where would he go from here? Title shots take a deep slip at this stage. He’ll be a legit gate keeper and a fierce one at that. But a gate keeper no less.

Till has EVERYTHING to gain from this fight. It’s a huge shot that will put him into mainstream. He knows this. This is the difference in the fight. We’ve got a young, hungry up and coming undefeated lion against a self proclaimed gate keeper.

Till has the ability and skills to win this fight, in fact when you look at the styles he matches up well with Cerrone. Till has excellent straight shots, that’s a really nice part of his game, he doesn’t take his eyes of his opponent and throws straight shots onto their button and if he takes a shot to give a hard shot he will. He’s got balls. Cerrone has stiff head movement and always has, infact we don’t see him fully loosen up until the 3rd round in most cases. If Till comes out relaxed like he always does and lands some straight shots with Cerrone stiff he’s going to put him away early.

Till by KO.

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