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Werdum v Cain fight video at the bottom.

Velasquez v Werdum – No excuses. The better fighter won.

Watch Velasquez v Werdum in their first fight. It’s a great fight that is easily contender for fight of the year. It was a huge upset which not many people saw coming although as usual, Werdum was ruled out as a heavy underdog. No body thought he could beat Velasquez. If you watch the fight and listen to the commentary Joe Rogan keeps going on and on about how Velasquez is affected by the altitude and is affecting him and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lets compare the stats to prove that altitude had nothing to do with Cain losing.

Cain v JDS 3 – Cain threw a total of 65 punches in the first AND second round. How does this compare to him fighting Werdum in Mexico city at altitude? Cain threw a total of 81 punches in the second round alone when he fought Werdum! He threw 65 punches in the first round alone! Cain threw 65 more punches in the first two rounds with Werdum than he did in the first two rounds when he fought JDS. These stats courtesy of – Cain v Werdum – Cain v JDS 3

3rd round stats of Werdum v Velasquez, Velasquez threw 23 punches in the 3rd and Werdum threw 25. 2 punches difference in total strikes thrown and also total strikes landed with Cain sitting on 10 landed punches and Werdum on 12.

Comparing these two stats it completely rules out Cain being ‘gassed’ or ‘affected by the altitude’ as excuses. If anything Cain performed better at altitude!

Were both of these men tired fighting at altitude? Did altitude have any play in this fight? Did Werdum train at altitude to prepare for this fight? Did Cain train less at altitude? The answer to all of these questions is yes.

Does Cain already train at altitude? Does anyone actually know what altitude San Jose sits at? (It’s where Cain trains)

San Jose altitude – 3845.144 ft.
Mexico City – 7381.89

3536ft difference in altitude. It’s an amount that can arguably over looked. Cain trains at altitude already. He’s not an athlete training at sea level. He experiences altitude on a daily basis, he’s not new to this. This is why I think he didn’t train in Mexico city for longer – because he didn’t need to.

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty of why Werdum won. Werdum is a highly underrated striker. He absolutely dominated Travis Browne who’s number one strength is striking – twice. He’s KO’d Mark Hunt with a flying knee who’s number one strength is striking. Fedor Emelianenko, arguably the HW GOAT with one of the strongest ground games – subbed him. Roy Nelson a HW striker and big hitter – out struck him to a decision. He’s KO’d Gabriel Gonzaga and Brandon Vera who’s strengths are striking. Gonzaga most notable for his head kick over Cro Cop.

Werdum v Velasquez was a stand up fight where Werdum simply was the better striker. He got the better of the striking after 3 rounds so Velasquez switched his game plan and turned to his wrestling. Werdum just happens to be a multiple Jiu-Jitsu world champion and gold medalist. Is it really surprising that he subbed Cain?

Werdum won not because of altitude because this played zero factor in this fight. Werdum won because he’s a better fighter than Cain. He’s a better striker with a better ground game and the same result will happen come UFC 207.

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