Where Does Bitcoin Go From Here?

Is It This Easy For Deciding On When To Trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been in quite a range since moving past 8.5k into the $9,000’s. it hasn’t been the best trading environment if you missed the move from $5,000, and by the looks of it it’s just a matter of waiting for it’s next move and getting in when it becomes fairly obvious of the direction.

So far we see support at the bottom 3D block and resistance at the 3D block above it. Now we’re ranging.

How To Trade Bitcoin From Here?

I’d be looking to play it safe and wait for a clear direction of the move. There’s really no point jumping in with a gamble HOPING that it’s going to go in your favour. So far the big juicy move has been missed, so now it’s just a waiting game.

Long the re-test of the break out and contrary short the re-test on a breakdown.

The State Of Crypto And The Market

The whole market is in a funny place right now, unemployment at all time highs with no indication that it’s going to slow down. Coronavirus hasn’t left. We’re looking at lockdown coming to a halt but then there’s the consensus worry that we’ll see a second wave. I believe it’s best to be in cash and play it as safe as you can. There’s just no point risking your money when things can go from bad to worse very quickly, as we’ve seen.

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