Best Bitcoin Betting Sites For Sports and Casino Gambling 2020

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Trusted Bitcoin Betting Sites 2020

Why Bet With Bitcoin? Here’s The Advantages

Bitcoin betting and gambling sites for sports betting and online casino’s is extremely easy to set up and becoming very popular with bettors because;

  • Bigger deposit bonuses.
  • Withdrawals and deposits are instant. 
  • Accounts are anonymous – only a valid email is required.
  • Click live betting is available, you do not make a phone call.
  • Better Odds because of lower transaction fee’s.
  • Higher limits.
  • No risk of credit card fraud.

You no longer need to call the bookmaker to place a live bet, it’s a simple click and bet. The odds are better, the limits are higher, the deposit bonuses are bigger and you only need an email address to create an account, it’s completely anonymous. It’s the safest, easiest, secure and most trusted way to gamble online.

The Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Websites We Recommend

The online sportsbooks that we recommend also allow live betting without making a phone call. To place a live bet you simply make a click of the mouse.

Getting Bitcoin takes 5 minutes and only requires you have an e-wallet account.

There are several other huge benefits to using bitcoin when gambling. In this page we’ll cover what the benefits are and show you how easy it is to start betting with bitcoins in as little as 5 minutes. We’ll show you the best bitcoin casino’s and sportsbook’s that we personally use and recommend. We’ll also cover what bitcoin is and how it works.

The benefits of using Bitcoin to gamble:

Australian Bitcoin Gambling Sites

  • Withdrawals are instant and so are deposits. You no longer have to wait a few days to get your money.
  • You can bet live on sports without having to call. It’s a simple click and bet for live betting.
  • You only need an email address to create a bitcoin gambling account. You’re privacy is much more secure because you’re gambling anonymously. The currency and infrastructure of Bitcoin provide this.
  • No payment processing costs or fee’s. No more credit card transaction costs.
  • Eliminates credit card fraud.
  • You have complete control over the security of your funds.
  • Bigger limits.
  • Better odds. No processing fee’s means the gambling sites can give better odds.

How to start gambling with Bitcoin

  1. Buy Bitcoin at an exchange.
  2. Deposit into any Bitcoin casino or sportsbook. It’s that easy!

What is Bitcoin?

Australian Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Bitcoin is a worldwide digital cryptocurrency that enables instant payments anywhere in the world. It’s just like any other currency like AUD, USD or GBP. It is the safest way of transferring money because of it’s peer-to-peer technology that it operates, all transactions use cryptography which makes it the safest in the world. When money is sent all transactions are managed and organized by the network which makes it 100% safe. There is no central authority, this means that any processing fee’s are virtually free of charge. It’s very easy to set up on your phone.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Yes, bitcoin gambling is 100% legal. There are no special jurisdictions or requirements in place. Bitcoin is simply looked at as another currency like USD, AUD or GBP.

Do I need a credit card or bank account to gamble?

You do not need a credit card or bank account to gamble on an online bitcoin casino. You do not deposit with your traditional bank account or credit card, rather you deposit bitcoins instead with your online bitcoin wallet. This also means you avoid any transaction fee’s associated with credit cards. There are no fee’s for bitcoin transactions or they cost very little (10 cents).

Anonymous Accounts For Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Bitcoin gambling sites are able to create accounts at many different Bitcoin casino’s and Bitcoin Sportsbooks very easily. They are easy to register an account as you only need a valid email address. Once you create an account with a valid email address you are free to gamble with bitcoins, whether you play the pokie machines, play poker or bet on sports. Here we’ll list our personal recommendations for bitcoin gambling sites.

We also recommend using Bitcoin sites over standard online bookmakers because they are much more secure and anonymous. You do not need to give them any personal identification. This gives you greater security and you don’t have any risk if any of these websites were to be hacked. Bitcoin gambling sites generally have ‘cold storage’ of your funds, which means that they can not be hacked as the funds are kept offline. This does not affect your ability to withdraw your funds instantly.

The Bitcoin gambling sites that we recommend do not have any depositing, withdrawal or processing fee’s. You will never pay any processing fee’s!

Bitcoin Betting Sites Safety and Secure Identity

Bitcoin betting sites are slowly transforming the gambling and betting industry and will be the future of the gambling industry. Because bitcoin is the safest form of any currency people are using it to protect their identity and their money. You’re money is far safer using bitcoin where it is fully encrypted and unhackable. You’re able to hold your funds offline which makes it impossible for anyone to hack into. This makes it the best option for spending money online and the best way to deposit funds into betting sites. You no longer need to give a gambling site your personal identity as all you need is a valid email address to create an account. This means that if any of these super secure websites were hacked your identity and personal finance details are completely safe as you’re anonymous.

There are no processing fee’s, withdrawal or deposit fee’s. This makes gambling online with bitcoins far cheaper, you get to gamble with ALL of your money. The reason that there are no fee’s is because the system is peer-to-peer. This means that there are no middle man like with an ordinary bank. You send the money directly to the website or anyone else on the planet and because of this, you don’t need to pay anyone for any handling fee’s.

The other advantage of bitcoin betting sites is that withdrawals and deposits are virtually instant (sometimes it takes a few minutes). This compared to withdrawal times of a few days or even a few weeks at some gambling sites makes it so much better. If you were to win a huge jackpot, if you were to have a big win on a sporting event you would not have to wait a couple of days to receive your winnings. You can withdraw your money virtually instantly, no matter how much it is. You could withdraw $50,000 straight away and not have to wait to receive your money.

The fact that bitcoin betting sites provide more privacy and personal identity safety, your money is more secure, withdrawals and deposits are basically instantaneous and there are no fee’s. No matter which way you look at it gambling with bitcoins is are far better option.

Bitcoin Betting Sites Security and Trust

Bitcoin safety and security is something that you should know about. Bitcoin is a crypto-currency using cryptography. Cryptography comes from the greek word  kryptós, “hidden, secret” and γράφειν graphein, “writing”, or -λογία -logia, “study”, in short “Hidden, Secret writing”.

Cryptography is the method of storing, sending and transmitting information so that only the sender and receiver, or only those who are intended to can read and process the information. In short Bitcoin uses cryptography as a means of staying secure.

Crytography is used in highly classified information within governments and militaries as a means of keeping information secure and out of the enemies hands. Julius Caesar is the first known modern cipher who used cryptography to send and receive messages because he did not trust his governors and officers. Because cryptography is such a highly secure form of transmitting messages it has become a battlefield for mathematicians and the best computer scientists to securely store and transmit highly sensitive information.

Bitcoin uses cryptography to stay secure, this is why it’s known as a “crytpo-currency”.

You are able to further secure your bitcoins in an offline wallet more commonly known as “cold storage”. Cold storage is an offline wallet that you keep on a USB or external hard drive. This keeps your bitcoins away from the internet and completely isolated keeping your funds 100% safe. It would directly translate to a normal wallet that you would carry around in day to day life.
It is normal practise to keep a small amount of your bitcoins in an online e-wallet which you can spend day to day, and the majority of your bitcoins in an offline cold storage.
It is important to note that if your offline cold storage of bitcoins is encrypted and you were to die that any of your family members would never be able to access your funds. In general it is recommended not to encrypt your cold storage wallet for this reason, but to keep it somewhere secure like a safe.

Further reading on bitcoin security can be read here from our very own Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites Is The Future

Sports betting sites using Bitcoin is done just like your traditional way of sports betting. Except you have all the added benefits of using bitcoin being a crypto-currency. You no longer have to send in any personal identification, nor do you need any personal identification to withdraw money. Withdrawals are instant, you no longer have to wait a few days to receive your funds. This is a huge advancement in the way we bet on sports online. Using bitcoin betting on sports is more secure, avoids processing fee’s and all withdrawals are instant.

The choice of sports to bet on are exactly the same as traditional bookmakers.

The sports you can bet on include:

  • NFL
  • NRL
  • AFL
  • Badminton
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsport
  • Pesapallo
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Live betting is a huge advantage over traditional sports betting sites as well. No longer do you have to call up the bitcoin betting site to place a bet. With bitcoin betting sites you can now click and bet on a live sport, no longer do you have to call them up to place the bet which can be time consuming and cost you money if it takes some time. Live betting can be a matter of seconds and if the operator on the other end doesn’t hear you correctly or there’s a miscommunication it could cost you thousands in that split second. This is a huge advantage to click live betting.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites Have Much Bigger Deposit Bonuses.

Generally the bitcoin gambling sites that we recommend have a 1 bitcoin deposit match, 1 bitcoin at the time of writing this article equates to over $10,200.

Online Bitcoin Casino Websites Big Deposit Bonuses

Gambling at online Bitcoin Casino websites is becoming the future of gambling online because of their fun and exciting gambling experience. Whilst traditional online casino’s have laid out what it takes to gamble online, gambling with bitcoins is just a much better option as already extensively covered in this article. Your personal identification is secure as you only need an email, withdrawals and deposits are instant and the limits are bigger.

Bitcoin Casino’s offer exactly the same games as they do at any other online casino. In fact the only difference is that you’re using bitcoins instead of your local currency (USD, AUD, NOK, SEK etc.)

The Casino offers many games to choose from including:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Table Games
  • Bingo and Keno

Live casino with the including games:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Table games

As you see the casino games offered are identical to the ones at any other casino. Most bitcoin casino’s, and the one’s we recommend offer a live casino as well. This is an extra feature that not many other online casino’s offer. Bitcoin casino’s are definitely leading the way when it comes to innovation, fun and a great gambling experience.



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cloudbet bitcoin betting site

Cloudbet Bitcoin Betting and Gambling Site Review


Cloudbet is the comprehensive online sports and casino betting platform which is known to have most of the remarkable features that attract and satisfy the sports bettors and casino players. The layout of its website is authenticated and looks polished, thing which many Bitcoin sportsbooks and casinos lack. Its interface is extremely professional, and also everything is being placed right to where it is supposed to be and work correctly. Apart from English, they also offer a platform in Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. It was in 2013 when the online casino Bitcoin industry started to gain fame, and the Cloudbet has since then managed to advance significantly in the reputation that it maintained until now.


Cloudbet holds the license from Curacao and Montenegro, which proves that it is fully authorized betting and casino platform. One convenient feature for the Cloudbet is the fact that it can access a website using the computer and also using the mobile device. By this in mind, you can play the favorite game even when you’re on a journey. Its website carries the grey and the black background with the information of how you will get in the entire site using the main page. 


On top of the main page, the links to the pages like Sports, Casino, Live Casino, and Live Sports can be found here. At the extreme bottom, you will get the links like Responsible Gaming, FAQ, License, Terms and Conditions, Cold Storage, Sportsbook Rules, Support, Privacy, Affiliates, and the option of switching to the mobile website. In the main page, it will also display the reasons why you are supposed to sign up with the Cloudbet, and this appears much compelling.


Sign Up process

For you to sign up with the Cloudbet, you are only required to provide the details of your email address and preferred password aswell as your date of birth That’s it. Its website has made it mandatory the time of delivery to ensure the bettors and players are at the legal limit of the age. The process of sign up with Cloudbet likewise involves the email verification. Nevertheless, it will surely take some seconds for an email to reach the inbox; so, in the entire case, you spend less than one minute for the whole process. Since this is the Bitcoin use, there is actually no separate field for choosing the currency for your own choice.



Cloudbet offers the games through the software too. As one may guess of, there is a different selection of the games through this software than the live dealers. They offer different slot games, and also popular table games together with various variations of the table games. Likewise, they have involved over 25 varieties of the video poker, which are different from one another. If these games are not enough, they include the section labeled by the name soft games that offer the players games like Keno and the Virtual Horse Racing. Even if some of these cards lag when being dealt with some of the table games, for any part, it can be only with the slight notice. Overall though, using the selection of the Cloudbet, it provides the most important choice of the games in the gaming industry.


The Bitcoin Sports Betting Site

Even though Cloudbet offers great casino services, what they usually have hung on, is the sportsbook, which they have responded very well. With its popularity, it has numerous sportsbook, which cannot be numbered. The choices which they offer are indeed on top of a Bitcoin sportsbook industry. The players have been supposed to experience the Sportsbook when you compare it with other games, by just realizing how far the Cloudbet is in terms of providing the selection and the quantity of the games. They offer the player with any sport they can think of, and also some sports, which players have at no any given time they have heard of. 


When comparing the lines with others throughout the highest Bitcoin sportsbooks, the Cloudbet have some prices, which is a bit higher than the other books. While other books have a slightly better value for the main lines, like the spread and the total of the game, they didn’t have the choice which Cloudbet have. 


From the first-half lines to the individual team total, and also which side can get the first red/ yellow card, the choice is so massive, that it can blow away virtually every other sportsbook. When that is not enough, they provide parlays and teasers, up to about seven teams. Availability of the players is the ability of the bet in-game, with the live betting. This is truly the more comprehensive and remarkable sportsbooks, which is within an online gaming community and bitcoin community, as a whole. If the players cannot find what they are searching for when placing the wager on a specific game or even part of a game at the Cloudbet, they probably have a hard time when finding it anywhere.


Banking and account

Navigating and accessing the bitcoin betting site is very easy. The best indicator of this is the way one can register the mind and also how it handles the transactions. To sign up for its website is very easy because it only needs the email address, password, and the date of birth. After offering all these, the confirmation email will then be sent to the address of the player for the confirmation. In the meantime, Bitcoin becomes the only transaction method which is accepted. Typically, this means the deposits and the withdrawals will light very fast. When you want to deposit, you need to send the amounts of the bitcoins to a wallet address offered and is stored immediately with the zero confirmations required. 


Deposit and the withdrawals

To make the deposits to the Cloudbet bitcoin gambling site account very easy. What you are required to do is click on a Deposit button which is available on the account dashboard. You will then copy new Bitcoin address which gets generated automatically to initialize the transaction and then paste it in the e-wallet for you to deposit the Bitcoins. You will even select to scan an available QR code when yours is the mobile wallet. A minimum amount of the Bitcoin you are required to deposit is about 0.001 BTC and with no maximum limit. During the come of withdrawals, Cloudbet promises prompt withdrawals on the main page. Nevertheless, on the FAQ page, it mentions that it may take about 24 hours when processing many transactions. 


Bitcoin Sports Betting Market

Cloudbet offers ample amount of various bitcoin sports betting and markets to bet on. Mostly, there are about 22 different sports which you can choose from. Other than these, there are the most well-known sports like basketball, tennis, or tennis you can also find some instead of unconventional options like floorball or water polo. All the games involve large amounts of competitions and leagues. You can find the betting options for every major national league, league, and international competitions and among others. 


When you want to bet on the tennis, for instance, you can face the massive selection of the games. Cloudbet offers betting markets for every match, which is there. Regardless of how you’re looking for WTA or ATP tournaments, Grand Slams, small ITF qualifiers, or Davis Cup matches, they offer the odds for them. Besides, there are many betting options on every sport which they have different markets like bets on entertainment and politics and various seasonal events such as the Summer and the Winter Olympics.


The Bitcoin Betting Odds

With the betting odds, you can switch to the Nitrogen Sports that means its quality is very high. Overall, they’re charging the low commission on the major sports that include basketball, tennis, soccer, Ice Hockey, and the American football. The average commission which is charged on the soccer games is presently 2.5% which is outstanding. The American football matches for NFL are normally charged with the 3.3% on average and the NBA games is having the betting margin for about 2.3%. 


Clearly, the margin which is charged on is small and the smaller competitions and leagues are higher than this, but that is true for every sportsbook. Cloudbet is the best bitcoin sports betting site when you really love betting on competitions and big games. Cloudbet is charging the small commissions on the live betting odds. Different from many sportsbooks that are charging about 10% on the live bets, you can only pay the fee of about 5.5% as an alternative.


The betting odds formats which is available at the Cloudbet are Asian and European odds. The customers from U.S. need to adjust to this, but the European odds are very easy to know so we do not expect anybody frustrate you about a limited option in this regard. Cloudbet likewise offers the boosted odds from every time. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the better-enhanced odds which you require to look at for other bitcoin sports betting sites. 


You can also check the enhanced odds page to get the summary of the most profitable offer for you. In this Cloudbet become the best in the facts of odds for you need to always compare then before placing the bet to ensure you don’t miss any part. With the Odds Comparison Page, they offer you with the overview of a best odds for various events through various sportsbooks. In this you will easily find the profitable sportsbook of placing your bets. You can give it the trial and get how easily it will be to maximize and increase your winning just by choosing the best site which you can place the bets.


Live Betting

Cloudbet offers you with best live betting form the entire bitcoin betting sites when compared to all bitcoin sportsbooks which are currently available. Cloudbet has typically put in pronounced efforts into the live betting area which has indeed paid off. In spite of having the fast-loading and clean interface, they also offer you with different betting and sports markets where you can bet on. A sheer amount of the betting options on the specific games is undeniably amazing. Many regular sportsbooks cannot keep up with this. For a Chicago Blackhawk match, for instant, you can find 50 and more of the different betting options that are huge. The total odds quality is the best as the Cloudbet charge the fair betting commission.


The customer betting

The customer support for the Cloudbet is above the average for amount of the traffic which they get, though they can be improved in particular aspects. When most of the emails are responded to within two-hour timeframe, some of the emails do not get the respond but can wait for between 10 and 12 hours. Normally, they can get back to you within 24 hours, though the standard period can be below the average. 


Though there are some time limits when they are busy than the other, but between 10 and 12 hours for the response to be made which can be highly disappointing. Nevertheless, when you get the response, the one handling the query is very polite and professional and will resolve your matter very quickly. While the time frames are the important part of the customer support, the players can likely value the real support itself that Cloudbet has finally succeeds at. By this being so, they have lately introduced the live chat option which is the best extension to its site.



Cloudbet is essentially the best online sports and casino Bitcoin betting platform which was ever established. The platform itself, with the convenient navigation aspects and beautiful layout, makes many people applaud this site to any new and also experienced sports bettors and casino players. With this fact, you access hundreds of the unique casino games together with massive betting markets. This become the reason why you are supposed to sign up with Cloudbet. However, with this game you will get some drawbacks that to some extent bring down the enthusiasm when using its website. 


Even though Cloudbet takes some steps for you to rectify the errors by offering more options of the bonus, you are supposed to look for the best and the comprehensive sportsbook and online casino ever found.

BitStarz Bitcoin Betting and Gambling Site Review



BitStarz is the most favorite Bitcoin casinos on the Internet. With this game, it offers the players from every entertaining environment and the world safe for the real money play. This is where the payouts are instant, and customer supports are efficient and quick. In terms of the varieties of gaming, BitStarz has the collection which is impressive with its size and unparalleled diversity. Being powered by one-of-a-kind SoftSwiss, sophisticated, software platform, this site hosts 850 games and, including table games, slots, and even the live dealer game.


The establishment of BitStarz was done in 2014 is the first Bitcoin casinos on the web which accepts multiple other currencies. It welcomes the players from every region of the world which is available in various languages, English is included. Including different ways for depositing and also withdrawing into the banking system, it has become truly the international casino which puts a focus on the entertainment, security, and even on the customers’ convenience. Different from other Bitcoin casinos with a questionable reputation, its operator is devoted to providing transparency and fairness. It holds the license for conducting the gambling operations from Curacao’ the Government and is being certified for fair gaming and online security by various respectable organizations.

Software Providers

The most significant part of a successful BitStarz bitcoin gambling site is attributed to the long-standing relationship with the software company SoftSwiss. Mainly, it was launched in the year 2008, and ever since, it grew as the leading providers and manufacturers of the casino software. Its studio is actually based in Curacao and Belarus and is known widely as the pioneer in the development of the casino platforms which work with popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Likewise, SoftSwiss offers various software packages, White Label, Bitcoin, and Turnkey Solutions, all who implement the cutting edge technologies to provide a complete solution to the customers.


The sturdy, unique platform from the SoftSwiss ensures high-speed performance, flexibility, and safety. Because of this, BitStarz members enjoy the fast loading site with games, bright, smooth gameplay, and sharp graphics. The design of a website is beautiful, elegant, user-friendly, and modern so that even the new players will feel comfortable when playing. Navigation is very easy, and a separate casino section is created with practicality and convenience in mind.

Available Games of BitStarz

The most inspiring features of this game the collection of various competitions. Much of it is always loved by players, but with BitStarz, it focuses on offering interesting, exciting, and diverse games. It has the virtual library which contains 850 and more titles of different styles, types, and genres, Players can spend hours in fun having hundreds of 3D slots, video and place wagers on the virtual table games like roulette, poker or blackjack, or just joining the real-life casino actions at a Live Casino section. These games load promptly and run efficiently in-browser without downloading the special software like with different older online casinos.


Any best online casino that claims to offer its players with ultimate gaming experience is supposed to have at least some blackjack games in a library. Because of the low housing edge of a game when combined with one-on-one action, direct between dealers and players, blackjack is genuinely classic. The game normally has easy rules which are simple to play, though it is the best ways of getting the adrenaline rush in the online casino or a land-based. The main goal becomes beating the dealer and getting the cards, which are total or close to 21 without going the overboard. Actually, many players try using specifically designed strategies, but when they make mistakes when playing, they have a high chance of increasing the odds.


Typically, slots become among the many types of games at an online casino, which is very popular. Entering a casino lobby, the players can find different niches which are overwhelming. They can be organized simply in the alphabetical order. Therefore you will find the favorite game very quickly and also within some seconds. There are exciting video slots from of BitStarz like Guns ’N Roses, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, The Invisible Man, Alive or Dead, and many more. All these popular titles of gaming studio can be got here, but they’re not found to players in some countries.


If you can’t play this games, you are supposed to just try some beautifully crafted 3D Betsoft slots like Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Aztec Treasures, Viking Age or Mamma Mia. The excellent graphics and fun characters are completed with the entertaining back stories, lovely bonuses, and unique music. Newly added titles are the Angler, The Slotfather II, and the well-known fantasy Steel and slot Fire, which is oddly suggestive of Martin books of George R.R. which were the inspiration behind a TV hit Game of the Thrones.


Nowadays, poker is identical to gambling and played widely by different people from inexpert enthusiasts to professional players. Essentially, the game become well known in the 20th century, even though its root goes backs form one or two century earlier. There are different forms of poker but are combine skill, gambling, and strategy, and the poker tables may be found in many prestigious brick-and-mortar casinos all over the globe. With online gambling coming up, the game made its way to the web-based casinos, and also many more sites nowadays which either have some poker titles in the collections or host the dedicated virtually poker rooms.


The poker players find the full range of the virtual poker games which are hosted at BitStarz. Texas Hold’em and Casino Hold’em are typically the classics, though you will get other options which have the skills required to win the game. Likewise, Betsoft’s Pai Gow is the available game that is an interesting blend which is between the ancient Chinese game and the American poker. 

Video Poker

The video poker is relatively the simple game which is based on the 5-card draw poker that comes in an automated form and played against a computer. Likewise, to the blackjack, it has low housing edge where the skilled players have an opportunity of collecting nice winnings. Even though BitStarz is focused on the slot games, it recognizes the popularity of this particular type of the game. This online casino has new video poker to the extensive collection of the titles, and the fans can find high-quality releases from SoftSwiss and Betsoft.

Live Casino

Various web-based casinos typically offer virtual versions of the traditional games like blackjack and roulette. The players can love the virtual options, particularly if they’re in a professional manner and are physically pleasing. The best sign when the web-based casino adds the live dealer game to the lobby could say the BitStarz has high-quality Live Casino. Actually, the games offer various software developers, namely Evolution, NetEnt, Asia Gaming, and Ezugi.


Before the players start to enter a Live Casino lobby, they are supposed to ensure they deposited in a casino and also have real money account which is active. Likewise, they are required to make sure the games they desire to play are not restricted in the regions and countries. These games can’t be accessed without the registration.

Supported Devices

The BitStarz Casino work in the instant-play platforms like modern casinos where the players don’t have to download any exceptional software to access these games. Its site can be accessed from every desktop and laptop by just visiting the web address using the browser. There is no specific requirement except having the best gambling experience, which the customers require to ensure the Internet connectivity is stable.


Other than these, all the games which were designed in a particular manner can be accessed similarly from any device. SoftSwiss software platform which powers online casino offers the mobile compatibility of every section of a site that is importantly functional like banking, live chat, or log-in which work seamlessly on tablets and phones. BitStarz is available on every Android and iOS devices with the updated browsers. These games run efficiently and without any lag, including Live Casino that broadcasts the game sessions straightaway to the iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or iPad.

The bonuses and the promotions

When talking about developments and the special offers, actually, BitStarz becomes the best from many web-based casinos which are available. It has a wonderful bonus policy that goes above the first bonus deposit, offering the daily reward to the loyal players. You will get constant leaderboard-style tournaments by the name Slots Wars, Extra Wars, and Table Wars, together with 50% reloaded bonus every Monday having free spins in every Wednesday.


With this casino game, it welcomes every new player with the 20 free spins during the registration with no deposit is needed but winners are capped with $100. Additionally, there is the wagering requirement for 40 times for winners; therefore, the players will be required to place the bets on various games equates to about 40 times amount of the winnings. In this, they are only required to demand withdrawal.


A Welcome Package given by BitStarz reaches $500 and typically comes in 4 parts once you make the first deposit. The new players get a 100% match bonus which is up to $100, and even 180 free spins that is given following nine days. This bonus comes with the 40x play through requirement for you to be suitable for it; therefore, the players are supposed to deposit a minimum of $20. You will get another 50% match bonus for the second deposit that has the maximum of about $100. There is the third deposit to this casino where the new members get a 50% match bonus which goes up to $200, and the fourth deposit being100% which goes upto $100.


Indeed, this is the only welcoming bonus which you can get in this game, and it has several follow-up bonuses which are worthwhile. BitStarz has many lists of the promotions, but you will find all being in the Promotions page of BitStarz.

The payment Methods

Even though BitStarz focuses on the Bitcoin payments, it also allows USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SEK, NOK, CAD, RUB, making the real money play to be convenient and comfortable for the players from every part of the world. It has the best banking system you may find where the withdrawals and deposits are free and instant. Mostly, there are various exceptions when using this rule, but the whole of it is that the casino offers reliable, fast, and safe payments.


The players can instantly make the deposits using MasterCard, Visa, Maestro debit, or credit cards. These transfers are normally charged 2.5% which is the processing fee, while the withdrawals to MasterCard or Visa are free. The deposit imposed is free when you top up using the e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill or through the Paysafecard. The deposit through the Cubits, you will be charged 0.5% which the well-known Bitcoin service provider found in Europe. The direct Bitcoin deposits, likewise, are free and are deposits through Trustly, Sofort, bank transfers, or iDEAL. The Russian service payments provider like ComePay is available when making the deposits into a casino. It consists of the digital wallet which is very easy when using, though you be charged a 5% of the processing fee.

Safety and the Fair Gaming

BitStarz becomes fair online casinos all over the world without just speculations. This website enjoys the reputation because of security and fairness in the business. This is cemented by a Curacao license which BitStarz holds. The certification of BitStarz indicates that it’s regulated by the respected gambling authority making the games to be a true product instead of being predetermined. Because of this, gaming at BitStarz can be genuine and fair. Likewise, the certification indicates that BitStarz is fitted out to handle and also to store personal and the banking information of the users. This actually means you safely submit the data to a casino and then know that it can remain to be uncompromised.


Generally, BitStarz is one of the best gambling bitcoin betting sites played online, which you will find on the Internet. It ranges from good promotion to the excellent selection of the casino games. All these can be obtained from any tablet or smartphone, and you will take casino anywhere you may go. Playing BitStarz becomes an entertaining and thrilling experience which everyone can be recommended to try and play for himself.

1xBit Bitcoin Betting and Gambling Site Review


Are you into online casino gaming or bitcoin betting sites? If you are, then you should check out There are many casino gaming websites out there. There are even some websites that offer you more than 800 games. But is different than all those sites. is a place where you will find a variety of casino games. As a result, catch the attention of many gamblers. 

What makes popular among gamblers?

Ever since the online casino is available, they are trying everything to attract new customers to their website. Some of them are doing this by putting more offers, some are trying to give more reward points. But bitcoin betting site becomes special to a player. They gain the attention of players with a variety of games they provide on their website. As a gamer, you will never run out of new options in So, you will come back again and again to this site, to find something new. 

If you are looking for virtual games, live games, table games and you name it. Pretty much all sort of gaming is available on the site. However, there is some limitation to access games in few countries. You will need to find out if your country has limited access to bitcoin betting sites. If there is then you can’t play all the games on the website. But still many will be available to you to enjoy. 

In addition to all the types of games, you can bet on games as well. There is an option in the website called the sportsbook. You will find uncountable sports there for you to bet on. Access the sportsbook and bet on different sports to enjoy 

How to create an account on

Online registration for bitcoin betting site is very easy. You can register either with an email address or with one-click registration. 

Email registration

If you are using the email address sign up, then you know it is the old fashioned way that is used in most sites. Get the online form, fill up your information. Submit the form and wait for the email verification process. Once you are done, you can log in and start playing on the bitcoin betting site. 

One-click registration

However, bitcoin betting site provides another method to sign up as well. It is called a one-click sign-up method. In this method, you need to enter the currency for payments. Once you have entered, you are done with the registration. And their entire game collection is open to you. 

What makes an online casino special?

In case you are playing on online casino games, you know that they draw a lot of customer via offers and rewards. People visit a casino to give something and get something in return. The give and take relationship ties up the customer to the website. Making them loyal to the platform. Hence gamblers from all over the world unite at casino websites. gives you a lot of bonus as well. The following are the list of bonuses and rewards that you can use from this bitcoin betting site.

100 percent bonus

If you like bonuses, then you might want to register with and deposit there. Yes, the gives you bonuses on sign up. Once you have registered an account on the bitcoin betting site, you will need to deposit some funds. Your deposit can be as little as 5 mBTC. After you deposited the amount, you will need to wait a few minutes. Then you will find that the bonus amount is credited to your account after a while. 

Advance bet

Provided that you are playing online casino games, and you are betting regularly on sports. You can get an advance bet from However, there are conditions for winning an advanced bet from An advance bet can be gained by a player who has already won a number of bets in the website. If you have won many bets and are currently betting in a few sports, then the site will allow you to make advanced bets. Basically, your number of won bets have to be higher than the number of current bets. Then you will be able to avail this offer. 

10% Increased odds everyday

Now, this is an interesting feature that all gamers want. In this feature, the site automatically increases the number of odds by 10 percent. It will calculate from the regular odds every day and increase it automatically. Is there a gambler who wouldn’t like this feature? It is good enough to bind all the gamblers to the bitcoin betting site for good. 

Unlimited betting brings unlimited bonus

An uncommon and unique feature in the bitcoin betting site. The website gives you a bonus as many times you have placed a bet. You don’t have to win the bet to get the bonus. Bonus points will be awarded to you as soon as you have placed a new bet from the site. It is a unique feature that separate from all the other bitcoin betting sites. 

Become a partner with

Yes, you heard it right. In this bitcoin betting sites, you can play games, win bonuses as well as land a job. You can become a partner with the website and work for them. They welcome a new helping hand for their business. If you contact them and let them know you want to work, they may offer you are a job and you can earn money and make a living. It makes the website more interesting and desirable by many people. 

Up until now, you have learned about the bonuses and unique features of But you are forgetting that a casino website is a gaming website. It is gaming that you need to look for in a casino website. We have already discussed the types of gaming offered by But now we will look at them in detail. 

At first, let us look at the sportsbook from

Everything you need to know about the bitcoin sports betting site 1xbit

Now, this is where the bitcoin betting site gets specific about countries. It has different tabs for different countries. In a way, this lets you know that they have a huge collection of sports to bet. Since they can provide different tabs for each country. 

In order to bet on a sport, click sports from the bitcoin betting site. There you will find an option to “bet on your national team”. Click that, and the option for you to bet on will appear in front of you. In the like manner, there is an option saying “match of the day”. You can use this feature to bet on a sport at the given time. 

There are more options for bitcoin betting sites in the sportsbook. You can select random sports for betting. All the current games are featured on the website and make it easier for you to bet on. 

You can explore the sportsbook to bet on different types of sports. Once again, an enormous diversity of sports selection is ready for you on the website. 

Live casino

At the time when you enter the live bitcoin betting site casino of You will realize how vast the website is compared to the other casino website. In most casino websites you will find two game providers. You can choose the game table you want to play from them. The idea is similar in But on this website, the number of games provider is enormous. Along with that, each games provider comes with more than dozens of games. It is something that will keep you coming back to the website for more. 

Each game provider has its own collection of poker, blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, etc.

Live gaming

The live games tab contains real live games happening at the moment. You can choose and bet on the games if you want. What is amazing about the website is that it streams live games without and buffering or any sort of problem. There are many different types of sport to bet on, in the live games tab. It allows you to bet on esports as well as other interesting sports that are unique and traditional. As it has been mentioned before that brings diverse sports for you to select and bet on. The ideas and variations are intense and compelling. 


Here in bitcoin betting site, you can play poker games with an opponent. But since all the games we have discussed so far had something special added to it in this website. Isn’t it obvious that the poker game will be special as well? Poker games in are played against real players. There is no computerized opponent for playing. It makes the game more interesting among two-player. 

Another fact that makes the game more fun between players is that you can choose the money to play with. In the website, you can play with two types of money. There is real money and there is play money. It is up to you what you want to do in the game. The option to select money is not only for the poker game but, also for the other games on the website. 


If you want to find the lottery games, then you will have to look for it under the more tab option. There are two types of lottery games choice. One is a lottery with the whole world, it is called the national lottery. The other one is the lottery within the users of So, you can take your chance to win both the types of lottery game on the website. Try out your luck and see what has to offer you in online lottery games.

Cryptocurrency Betting and Number gambling

Over here number gambling does not mean dice games. In this case, number gambling means gambling on currency exchange rates. The 1xbit website lets you bet on the exchange rates of currency. You can bet on any currency you want from the website. There are currencies that are more profitable than others. So, you may select the ones that you find most suitable. 

In addition to the currency exchange, there is cryptocurrency betting available as well. The list of currency you can bet on again is immense. Some of the currencies are listed down below for your knowledge:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Zcash
  • Monero
  • NEM
  • Siacoin
  • Bytecoin
  • Gamecredits
  • Digibyte
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin

However, you must keep in mind that it supports cryptocurrency and there are no options for adding cash through credit cards or wire transfer. You will find out more about the website once you log in with your account.

Regular gaming

Finally, the regular games tab. Yes, after discovering all the types of games available on the bitcoin betting site, it is natural that simple games will fall under the games tab. Hence the name regular game. Under this tab, you can play scratch games, wheel of fortune, Blackjack and other similar table games. 

Customer service

No matter how great a bitcoin betting site is, it cannot suffice if it does not have good customer service. They have placed a customer service chat at the right bottom corner of the website. They provide support 24×7 on live chat and email. However, there is no phone call service which can be a drawback for the website. Since they have got a lot of options available for the casino lovers, they should be able to give maximum customer service to keep the quality. 

After reading the article you must have realized how is different from other casino websites. They have made the diversity of the website a strong character to present the website. It lifts up the website and makes it special among all the other casino websites. Any user of the website can never get bored with the games that could be played online. 

However, it could also be said that the entire website completely focuses on betting. Anyone who loves to bet on games will love to use this website and services.

Ultimately, there is one thing that people should be beware of all the bitcoin betting sites. An online bitcoin betting site can lead to scam and many harmful activities. especially casino site because casino sites are the ones that deal with real money. Thus any money exchange should be done carefully, and logically to avoid any scams.