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CSGO Betting Sites In Australia

All of the bookmakers in the right side bar with bonus bets on this page have CSGO betting markets. They’re all awesome, however, we’ve got our top 3 list here.

CSGO betting is rising to one of the most popular eSports games to bet on as it’s one of the most exciting games to watch. Australia is starting to boom with CS:GO with some huge cash prizes, with $260,000 just recently up for grabs in Sydney.


csgo betting

“CS:GO Polish arena”

csgo betting

WilliamHill are in the same league as Sportsbet when it comes to CSGO betting. They’re both leaders in the market, they both have the best odds and they’re both as trustworthy and credible as each other. What seperates them is simply personal opinion. What we recommend is claiming the bonus bets we offer here for you for both of them, that way you get just over $1,000 in bonus bets and a good understanding of both of them so you can make your own decision.

WilliamHill are easy to use and their new betting App is on point. They’ve taken no short cuts with their app and it’s really nice to use. Really, it’s a good app. If they streamed the sports it would be perfection.
You don’t have to worry about money when withdrawing or depositing. They’re a major company and doing everything by the book. Like we said before this industry is regulated more than a hospital toilet.

Get an account here and start betting now.

This CSGO clip is awesome!


Ladbrokes comes in at 3rd for our top 3 CSGO betting sites. It’s one of our favourites for betting in general. It’s got the markets up early as well and the odds are just as good as Sportsbet and Williamhill. The app is very clean and easy to use. Customer care is awesome.

They’re coming into the eSports community with a force, in recent years they weren’t crash hot on the market. Now they’ve seen the new wave of our generation come through and we love CS:GO, we love playing it, we love watching the pro’s and we love betting on them.

They’re giving away a matched $250 bonus bet, not as good as Sportsbet or WilliamHill but it’s still free money to bet with. Can’t complain!

Open your Ladbrokes account here and start betting!







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