Anthony Johnson: – I’ll be honest, I was never a fighter.

Anthony Johnson: - I'll be honest, I was never a fighter.

Anthony Johnson: – I’ll be honest, I was never a fighter.

In a recent interview with MMAJunkie he spoke with them about his future and why he retired.

AJ – “I love myself. A lot of guys don’t think about that. They want to get into these battles, and just wars, and I’m not about that life. I’ll be honest – I was never a fighter. Fighting was natural to me in a way. because I was so athletic; I caught on to everything quick. I was never meant to fight. I was meant to do something else, something greater in life. It was just time for me to move on, and I wanted to be able to have kids and be able to talk to them and play around with them by the time I’m 45.

“I know a lot of these guys already have kids that are in the UFC and MMA, and they get knocked silly. My man Diego Sanchez has taken some hits, bro, and he’s dropping. I remember watching him on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and he was killing it. Now, these guys are younger, bigger, and faster, stronger … and I don’t want to go out like that. If those guys want to do that to themselves, go ahead. That’s your life, that’s your body, that’s your future. But for me, I’m destined to do something greater.”

Looks like he’s actually very intelligent about his career and is really looking to the future. He got in with the best of them, he’s knocked out the best of them and he’s fought for the title. He hasn’t got anything to prove. When it comes to his future and still being healthy at an older age he’s got a great point.

Lets hope he sets a new trend and more fighters get out of the game before it’s to late. Well done Rumble!

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