Conor Mcgregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov – Who wins?

Conor Mcgregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov

Fights don’t get much bigger then this. Considering that Mcgregor is the biggest draw by a long margin in the UFC. Khabib, being an undefeated fighter who has quite literally never lost a round, this isn’t a hard fight to promote.

Some of the biggest questions surrounding Mcgregor has been his wrestling. He did not grow up wrestling and is a striker at heart. We’ve seen him have trouble against wrestlers before, Chad Mendes giving him the most trouble. If we were to go back to that time, would Chad have done better if he had a full training camp? Chad came off the couch to fight Mcgregor on two weeks notice for the biggest fight of his career.

The reason why Chad was called up was because Aldo had pulled out of the fight against Mcgregor for the world title. Now we can safely assume Mcgregor would have been in the shape of his life for this fight, but was Chad? Hell no. Now Chad had the best round against Conor that anyone has ever had, he controlled him on top with his wrestling like no one ever has. Given that he was then gassed out from the brutal body shots Conor landed he was then finished in the second. He couldn’t even keep his hands up.

Now based on this assumption that Conor has trouble with wrestlers, which we’ve seen with our own eyes, how’s he going to do against a bigger and better wrestler? Khabib is a big 155er, where Chad is a small 145er. It’s quite the step up for Conor who’s going against someone who is his absolute weakness.

This is what makes this fight so entertaining because it’s the age old match up of striker vs wrestler.

Who wins this fight?

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