Josh Dugan $3 Million – Cruisers On A Roof, Now Pay Is Through The Roof

Josh Dugan $3 Million

Josh Dugan has just signed a four year deal with the Sharks worth $3 million. The contract will last until the end of the 2021 season and Dugan will be aged 31 by the end of it.

What pushed the Kangaroo and NSW representative to move on to the Sharks was that The Dragons weren’t willing to pay him what he thinks he’s worth and that’s $1 million a season. For a Australian and NSW representative it’s hard to argue that he’s not.

“I’ve been picked for Australia, and hopefully I’m picked for the Origin side in a few weeks time,” 

“There’s no reason why they (the Dragons) should have any doubts about how well I’m performing.

“I feel like I’ve proven myself at all levels, and I guess the most disappointing thing for me is the Dragons don’t see that.

“The club recruitment see me as a long-term centre, and I don’t agree with that.

“I’m not being greedy, I’m going for what I feel I’m worth as a world-class player. The club has offered me a three-year deal, but as a centre.

“I’ve played my whole career at fullback, I feel like I am one of the better fullbacks in the comp, and I feel I bring a lot to the table at fullback.”

The Sharks coach Shane Flanagan see’s his future position at the club a little differently, stating that he see’s Valentine Holmes as the Sharks fullback for the next 10 years. So for Dugan he’ll continue to play at centre. He may not be playing the position he wants but he’s getting the money he feels he’s worth. From a financial point of view it’s a no brainer.

Josh Dugan $3 Million

“Val’s doing an outstanding job. We think Val’s going to be our fullback for the next 10 years,” Flanagan said recently.

“Josh will bring quality and experience to our backline next year and to sign the current Origin and Australian Test centre is major coup for the club and for our future,” Sharks coach Shane Flanagan said.

“We have a number of exciting young backs coming through our grades and Josh’s experience will be invaluable in helping with their continued development.

“He is looking forward to being part of the development of players such as Val Holmes and as to where he might play for next year, quite simply he is the current Test right centre and who can also play fullback which is a bonus for our club.’’

It’s quite the turn around for the former Raiders star who had his contract terminated for a string of off field incidents and famously lost a $2 million dollar deal with the Brisbane Broncos after a social media outburst – all in the same year.

Josh Dugan $3 Million

The Sharks have just lost Jack Bird to the Broncos but they look well set to be continuing down the right path of recruitment and picking up the Australian and Blue’s representative.


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