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About the Luxbet online betting site and its review

There are many online websites for sports betting and they all follow the similar layouts but the luxbet online betting site is different from all that and it strictly follows its unique method. The different markets and sports are displayed in the menu at the top of the page and when you click a particular sport then another box drops down displays the all betting option of sports. If you wish to continue then you can place the bet and move further. The racing markets are also supports the luxbet excels and tend them to focus on their website on the racings like horse racing, grey ground racing and even more. The luxbet also has the feature called the club extra which allows the trainers and the owners of the horse racing industry to get the bonus bets of 12%. These bonus bets are placed according to the winning bets on their own horses.

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Luxbet offers the some of the best odds for racing in Australia and they are.

  • Best of the best
  • TopFluc
  • Lux div
  • Lux +5%

Since the luxbet mainly focus on the horse racing and it also offers many selection of sports on betting markets for the punters like the tennis, football, soccer betting etc. The Australian sports online betting websites also have the huge number of options for the NRL and the AFL betting. The luxbet company also offers plenty of live betting options for the punters as like other agencies. But these are only available over the phone and not in the internet due to the rules and regulations of Australia. The luxbet live betting seems to be growing every month with many more and more betting options are offered to their punters to use.

Bonus offers of Luxbet online sports betting site

The luxbet offers the great bonus for their punters in Australia namely 300% for per S150 deposit bonus. This bonus offer has a tremendous value in the side of the new punters who are looking forward to boost their bankroll. If you are a beginner then the luxbet offers the huge value for your $50 first deposit and then you can use the $150 bonus bets for every bet incrementing from the $10. If you don’t like to deposit the full amount of $50 then you can deposit the amount starting from the $10 and get the bonus bets of $30. Such that for every deposit you will get the bonus bet benefit of the 300% to the punters. Before withdrawing the bonus amount and the winnings the punters must turn over at least once and wait for the 30 days to get all the bonus amounts. The wagers only use the odds of at least $1.50 which will be counted against the turn over amount and there will not be any bonus bets cannot be used for the multi bets purpose.

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