Twitter is Integral Part of Fan Experience; Here’s Who to Follow

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What it means to be a fan has changed drastically over the past handful of decades. What started with our grandparents listening to games on an old dusty radio and waiting to talk about it until the water cooler on Monday has turned into our present reality, where it has become an almost 24/7 hobby for some. We have access to entire fanbases — others like us — at all times while we watch our favorite teams play on a crystal-clear OLED television.

While advances in TV technology surely should not be understated, today we’re going to focus on the development of how we interact with other fans. Things like Twitter, for example (though it may prove to be the downfall of our society) has made it possible to go back and forth with others who share our passion across the country in real time while we watch our teams achieve new highs, or suffer devastating lows (looking at you, Lions fans).

Whatever the case for your team, I think we can all agree it’s more fun to know you’re not alone and experience these events with others in real time, all from the comfort of your couch.

With that in mind, we have compiled short lists for a handful of the major fanbases in Michigan, both collegiate and professional, of Twitter users who you simply must follow if you are looking to improve your pre-game, in-game, and post-game fan experience.

These are the REAL fans – people like you, who prefer watching the game with an adult beverage in one hand and their phone in the other.

Michigan State

The Michigan State basketball team is a perennial contender, while the Michigan State football program is looking to get back on track after a few dark years.

These accounts know how to balance school pride with the appropriate amount of self-deprecating humor — just the right combo to ensure you’re having a good time on the timeline win or lose. Here are our favorites:

  • @PeachJames
  • @OdellBretthamJR
  • @Sheehan_Sports
  • @Wil__Hunter
  • @WorldofIssac
  • @Connormuldowney
  • @DarkoStateNews
  • @SpartanHoops_DK

Michigan Wolverines

Is Michigan officially a basketball school now? Juwan Howard is looking to take the Michigan basketball program to new heights while Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football seeks to prove the haters wrong. Whether you think this is the year that Harbaugh's team finally beat Ohio State or not, here is who you should be following:

  • @sbell021
  • @itsAntWright
  • @LGHail
  • @JDue51
  • @ByAZuniga
  • @umhoops
  • @AceAnbender

Detroit Lions

There’s really not much to say here about the Detroit Lions. Here are the accounts you need to be following while you watch this miserable franchise continue to toil away in the cellar of the NFC North. Call it a support group, if you want. Misery loves company:

  • @WorldofIssac
  • @kellierowe
  • @TomMazawey
  • @Ryan_POD
  • @archambeaum3
  • @Honolulublues_
  • @DidTheLionsLose

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers were right on the doorstep of a World Series championship for nearly a decade. Then, things fell apart. AJ Hinch is looking like he has turned things around more quickly than anticipated. Here is who you should follow if you’re a big fan of the Olde English D:

  • @Castellani2014
  • @tonydombrowski
  • @donniekellybaby
  • @DrunkMiggy
  • @tigersMLreport
  • @EricWaynesBrain
  • @blessyouboys

Detroit Pistons

Can Cade Cunningham bring the Detroit Pistons back to contention in the Eastern Conference? It won’t happen right away, but you should be following these accounts in the meantime:

  • @WorldofIssac
  • @PistonsThoughts
  • @EliBashiNBA
  • @NiocolasHenkel
  • @frankgarza57
  • @KrispyFlakes2k

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