UFC Fight Night Auckland – Our Best Bets For the Night

UFC Fight Night Auckland on paper doesn’t look like the greatest card in the world. Not many high profile fights, not many huge names, but when you look into it there are some interesting fights. Hangman v Pearson being one of them and of course, Hunt v Lewis. Here are some bets that we’re most confident on. All bets are placed at Pinnacle as that’s where the best odds are at. Get an account here.


Dong Hyun Kim (14-8-3) vs Thibault Gouti (11-3-0).

Neither fighter has been super impressive. On paper Gouti looks more impressive with only 3 losses compared to Kim’s 8. Don’t let this fool you, Gouti has lost all 3 of his fights in the UFC where Dong has won one. Neither fighter will be the next champion but we’re going to go with Kim as he’s a more well rounded fighter.

Kim by decision

Dan “Hangman” Hooker 13–7 vs Ross Pearson 19–13 (1)

This is shaping to be one of the most exciting fights on the card. New Zealand native Hooker will have the hometown advantage against Pearson and will also have the reach, height and size advantage as he moves back to lightweight. Both Pearson and Hooker have both fought at featherweight before, this fight at 155 just means the weight cut will be easier for both of them. Some may not know but Hooker has also fought at heavyweight and won! He really does fight anyone anytime!

The way they matchup is the most interesting part. Pearson plods forward and picks his hard shots, he loves to throw hard hooks which also makes him susceptible to straight shots. As far as technical ability Hangman gets the advantage there. This fight we’ll see Pearson walk forward and Hangman stick and move until he finally lands that shot that will put Pearson on the ground. Hangman will either finish him on the ground or submit him.

Hangman 3rd round finish



Derrick Lewis 18–4 (1) vs Mark Hunt 12–11–1 (1)

Honestly when looking at this fight it could go either way. One of these men just have to land one punch and it’s over. Derrick is actually the favourite which is interesting, he only started training in 2009 and didn’t debut until 2010. Hunt had been fighting the best in Japan in that time, fighting what some say is the HW GOAT Fedor. When we look at experience Lewis doesn’t come close to Hunt. Lewis is currently on a 6 fight win streak in the UFC which includes KO wins over Gonzaga and just recently Travis Browne, with a notable decision win over Roy Nelson.

Can both of these men KO each other? Yes. Will it be early? Yes. Which leaves us without bet.

Fight to go under 1.5 rounds

Good luck!

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