Velasquez v Ngannou – Battle of the Titans

This is looking to be a great fight tomorrow with an interesting matchup in styles. Cain has been out for a while now with his last fight being in July of 2016 against Travis Browne where he demolished him. This would actually be the start of a 4 fight losing streak, 3 of those fights getting finished, for Travis before he called it quits.

What’s really great about this fight is that Cain is a known beast wrestler with T.J Dillashaw having fond memories of him back in the college days where he said he was scared of him. Cain is an intimidating dude, he’s huge and if he wanted to, he could hold you down and kill you like a gorilla with the tattoo across his chest “brown pride” staring you in the face.

Cain being a beast wrestler, he’s also a great striker. We saw him take years of JDS’s life where he not only wrestle fucked him but out struck him. lets look at Cain v JDS 3.

Look at the output and work rate that Cain has. Unbelieveable really that a heavyweight can throw 378 strikes in a fight. That’s 76 strikes a round. 15 strikes a minute. He’s throwing a strike every 4 seconds. Continuously. For 25 minutes straight. He’s a fucking workhorse. He only landed 2 takedowns that fight, most of those strikes were on the feet.

It’s interesting to compare the two fights with Ngannou where a similar style suffocated him. Miocic had a decent out put that fight with a similar amount of strikes thrown against him. He’s essentially laid the blue print on how to beat Ngannou. Smother him and throw a big volume of punches.

It’s hard to say whether Cain is better then Miocic because they’ve never fought, but given they have a similar style where Cain can grind like Miocic, Cain is likely to do the exact same thing to Ngannou.

Ngannou’s chance is that he lands a bomb like JDS did, otherwise Cain will do what he did to JDS and what Miocic already did to Ngannou.

Velasquez by a dominant decision.

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